Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh, podiatry

Okay, I'm taking a break from eating my chili.

So I'm at home eating dinner with Jason and one of his fellow podiatry students. I forgot how much I hear about feet on a constant basis. One nice thing about this last month, I didn't have to sit through conversations about the profession. 

But I have to go because Jason's wondering why I'm not eating.

Sunday nights

After a long weekend of travel, Jason is finally home.

Sunday night in our house is family night. Even though it's just the two of us, and we spend most of our time together during the week, there's just something about Sunday that's special. Maybe it's a bit reminiscent of growing up and having dinner after church with your family; It must be part of the allure. So yesterday after we got home, I began making dinner and Jason unpacked (okay let's be honest--I unpacked his bag and did his laundry. I really don't think he's capable) and it was one of the best feelings in the world. Please forgive me if this is a bit treacly, but I realized how much I had missed him and I had this overwhelming feeling of thankfulness for our life. Not that it's picture-perfect and mistakes aren't made, but it's us. Flaws and all, it's our little family.
Sunday's finally feel back to normal.
Okay, enough of that. So I read two of my new favorite books this past week. Both are about journeys, and mistakes, and they are a bit outdoorsy and manly. The books are The Road, by Cormac McCarthy and Into the Wild, by John Krakauer. I truly enjoyed both of these books and I can't wait to read more by each of the authors.

That's our apartment behind all of those trees.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Style Icon

I really admire and adore Cate Blanchett. Not only is she one of my favorite actresses, she is also one of my style icons. In my eyes this woman can do no wrong. I think that she is a true actress and she can obviously play any roll. Did anyone see her play Bob Dylan? Seriously, she can morph into anyone. I also loved her in the roles she played in the film "Coffee & Cigarettes". The movie is made up of many different vignettes based around the conversations had while drinking coffee, and well you guessed it... In this particular vignette, she plays an actress and the actresses rough-and-tumble cousin. Think "Parent Trap" but without Haley Mills, or the very-cute-at-the-time, Lindsay Lohan. Anyway, she plays both of the roles so perfectly that you forget it's the same actress.

But aside from being a great actress, she has such a great sense of style about her. She is timelessy beautiful and classic, but always dresses herself in a very fashion-forward way (thank you Heidi Klum for introducing to me to the term, fashion-forward). She can wear anything, and because of her classic look, pull it off. I'm always surprised by her choices, and I think she's always a hit.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Girl's Best Friend

Egg Whites.

My new favorite breakfast- egg whites on an English Muffin. I have the problem of eating breakfast and being hungry again by 10:00 AM. I don't really have time to eat during work, but I find the hunger pains so unbearable that I have to eat something. But not anymore. 

What you need:
Egg Whites (I buy the kind you can pour out of the carton)
Low-fat English Muffins (make sure they're whole-wheat & high fiber)
Low-fat grated Parmesan Cheese

Cook the egg whites (I like to scramble).  Toast the English Muffin. Once the egg whites are cooked, divide and place on each half. Cover with salsa and sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese. I also add a little hot sauce for extra flavor. 

I know this sounds really simple, but it is so good!! This breakfast is great because everything is low-calorie and low-fat, but it's high in protein and fiber-- both which are very filling. When I eat this I stay full until lunch. It's my new favorite.

My Denver, CO Weekend

Well I have to say that I had a wonderful weekend with Jason in Denver.

When I arrived at O'Hare, it was packed. There were so many flights cancelled and the lines at the desks were extremely long. But I was one of the fortunate one's. My flight was only an hour delayed. While waiting for my flight I became bored, so I decided to walk around the terminal. I saw so many things. People were becoming so impatient with delays. There was one guy who walked away from his gate yelling, "United sucks!!" On my next lap around, he was boarding his plane. You could just feel the tension. I wanted to be like those kids who were riding the railings of the moving sidewalks. They looked like they were having so much fun.

Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend in Denver. On Saturday, Jason drove me around so that I could see the hospitals and clinics where he's working. We did a little shopping, a little eating, and a lot of sight-seeing. We stayed Saturday night at the Castle and Marine Bed & Breakfast. It is such a beautiful building and we had a great room with a patio and a hot tub. (The picture is of the B&B). Jason took me to dinner at this great restaurant, Tables. It was such a great atmosphere, mis-matched and downhome...with wonderful food! Jason order braised lamb with autumn veggies, and I order mahi-mahi. My dish was really good, but his dish was SO YUMMY. As is normal with us, I ate my plate, and then I finished his plate. We were sitting at the bar for dinner, and the guy next to us asked Jason what he ordered. Jason told him that it was the lamb, and the guy responded, "You seemed to enjoy it, well you BOTH seemed to really enjoy it." I was a little embarrassed.

On our way back to the B&B, Jason turns to me and says, "You know the Bed & Breakfast is haunted right?" I looked at him and said, "Do you know who I am?" Basically I almost started crying because I hate scary things. I mean, really, really hate it. I haven't stepped foot in haunted house since elementary school. Now I was staying in a real haunted house? But I didn't encounter any ghosts (although I did have a little trouble sleeping). The only strange thing that happened was right before we left. Jason took our bags down to the car and I was sitting on the bed (a little scared and nervous I might mention) and the door opened. It wasn't from a draft...It just slowly opened really wide. Ghost? I don't know...

But now I'm back in Chicago and I'm getting ready to fly to Denver again this Friday. Jason's internship will be finished and he'll be headed back home. It will be a great and long drive back. I'll be happy to have him home.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Going to visit the Husband (I'm wearing a sweater)

It's supposed to be Spring, right? Why am I wearing and sweater and WHY IS IT SNOWING??? I'm a nice girl from Oklahoma trying to make a life here in the midwest, but I don't think that I can handle all of this snow. After being in 90 degree weather last weekend (in San Antonio, not Chicago), this weather is just cruel.

Furthermore, I'm supposed to fly to Denver tonight to visit Jason. We haven't seen each other in 3 weeks, and I've been looking forward to this day since he left. I'm hoping that my flight is not cancelled. I've had trouble in the past (during a trip to Oklahoma, I had three flights cancelled...that's right, during one trip), but I have a good feeling about my flight tonight. Even if it's delayed, and I don't get there until 2:00 AM, it will be okay.

Hopefully I don't blog again until Monday, when I return. Here's to hoping.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

He Actually, Finally Graduated OC

Yes, he's in graduate school to receive his DPM, but he just now received his undergraduate degree from OC. It always helps to finish up your courses. We celebrated with our own version of graduation. 

Please note the tassle on the ear and the diploma in hand.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Does this gorilla make my butt look fat?

I was prompted to write this letter after reading the article listed below.

Dear Gorillas, abiding in various Zoos across our Great Country;

So I hear that they (and by “they” I mean a few zoo keepers who shall remain unnamed at this point) think you’re getting a little fat and lazy. I know you’re thinking to yourself that this is an embarrassment, right? Pretty soon you’ll be residing in the number one fattest zoo in America. You’re already having trouble fitting into the “normal” size of 114, and now they would like for you to squeeze back into the jeans from your younger years. Weren’t they a size 102?

I want you to know that America is behind you. We believe in you. I believe in you. You get yourself on that treadmill and you work for that body of yours. Leave behind the numerous helpings of molasses for smaller portions of veggies, and eggs, and granola. When you feel like you want to sit around and watch T.V., ask your friend if she’ll go on a walk with you instead. There are so many things you can do to turn your life around. Take it one step at a time, and one day at a time. Believe in yourself. We know that you’ll get there.

With Unwavering Support,


This is a great article about the animals living in our zoos. Makes you wonder if they would be overweight in a more natural environment:

No use crying over spilled vegetables.

I was getting out my lunch, consisting of yogurt, blueberries, raw veggies and dip, from the refrigerator and I dropped the veggies all over the kitchen floor. Carrots went rolling, broccoli ended up on the counter, and all I could do was stand there and ponder the question, “Can I salvage this lunch?” I concluded that I could. Instead of getting all new veggies out of the fridge, I decided to pick up the spilled (and probably a little dirty) veggies off the floor. Did I wash them? No. Did I dust them off? No. I just put them back in their container and put them in my bag. I just ate them. They were pretty good.

Because I said I would

I've just entered the world of blogs. Just trying to post at this point.