Monday, April 28, 2008

A dweeb, a geek, and a weirdo

I need to start out by saying that this picture has nothing to do with this posting. I tried to find a picture where I looked like a dork because this story is about me being dorky. Also, let me preface this story by saying that I am full of grace and class--I never trip or fall, and I never spill food or coffee on myself. So this happening was very out of sorts for me. :)

As you know, Jason left Friday morning and I think it's left me a little out of sorts.

A Dweeb: On Friday night, my friend Whitney and her husband Scott took me up into Wisconsin to go to Texas Roadhouse and Woodman's (the largest and cheapest grocery store in the country). It was so sweet of them to take me and I had so much fun! On our way back home, I felt the seam of my sweater, and I realized it was on inside-out. I thought that it wasn't noticeable, because my hair was long enough to cover my tag in the back. But I looked in the mirror and realized that there was a huge tag with an extra button in the side seam. I bet it's the last time they let me hang out with them.

A Geek: Saturday morning, I taught piano lessons. It was really cold outside and so I wore a puffy vest. During my first lesson, my student asked me, "Why are you wearing your jacket inside out?" Yes, I did it again. Twice, in less than 12 hours, I was inside-out.

A Weirdo: The same morning, after my last lesson, I was talking to my student's parents. The girl turned to her mom and whispered something while looking at my pants. I thought, "Great! My pants are unzipped!" The mom said to her daughter, "You might as well tell the poor girl." My student then pointed to my pants and said, "You have a sticker where you zip your pants."
I look down and low and behold, there is a large, shiny star sticker on the crotch of my pants.

What is wrong with me?? I really can't say...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Living the single life

...Well, kind of. Jason left this morning for Temple, TX (with a brief stop in Oklahoma this weekend). I can't believe he's gone again! This past month went much too fast. So for the next four weeks I'll be living the single life. I really don't mind being alone; I actually enjoy it in short spurts. But I know that I'll miss him. 

I have a lot to look forward to this month. For starters, the weather is really nice and I'm going to be outside as much as possible. Actually I'm just going to rattle off a few fun things. I've picked up a new piano student, which I'm very excited about. --I am going to organize and clean our entire house. This may not sound like fun to some, but it sounds like a blast to me. --I will have plenty of time to read the books I've been wanting to read. --I will hopefully be able to visit Jason, which means and trip to Austin, which translates into Chuy's. --I can go to sleep early and wake up really early everyday. Again, not fun for some, but exciting for me. --My phone will get more talk time than it's had in probably a two-year span. For those of you who know me, you know I hate the phone...but I am getting better. --I can watch endless hours of pointless TV without having to compromise. This means no sports, no sports talk-shows, and NO King of the Hill. Woo-hoo! --The house will be spotless, everyday. 

--But the thing that I'm excited about most is seeing Jason again. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh boy...

I was looking at Dara's blog the other day and found a posting about On the website you can load pictures to see which of your parents you look most like, or you can find out which celebrity you look like. I thought, "Oh fun, I can't wait to see who I look like." So I found a picture that I thought I looked good in, and my little sister just so happened to be in the picture as well. So I uploaded the picture and it pulled up results for my sister. Let me list the celebs she resembles: Christy Turlington, Rebecca Romijn, Drew Barrymore, Lauren Graham, Rachel McAdams and Courtney Cox. I'm getting excited because she's my sister and if she looks like all of these gorgeous models and actresses, then I must look like gorgeous models and actresses too. Low and behold, the celeb I most resemble is Jason Biggs. That's right, the GUY from American Pie. So if you were looking through my pictures and think, "Wow, she really looks like someone famous, but I can't put my finger on it..." Put your finger on this, it's Jason Biggs.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pancake morning

I have to document this moment because it may be the first and last time this ever happens.

This morning while I'm upstairs getting ready for work, I hear Jason banging around in the kitchen. About 15 minutes later, he comes upstairs and announces, "I MADE you pancakes!" Now let me interject the point that he will cook for us, but it's rarely unprompted and it's never breakfast. I don't know what got into him, but it was so sweet and the pancakes were good, too.

The funny thing about Jason is that he makes a mess whenever he cooks, and this is the mess that was left after the pancakes. I have to post these pictures because I think it's humorous.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fartlek-ing along

Fartlek: which means "speed play" in Swedish, is a form of conditioning which puts stress mainly on the aerobic energy system due to the continuous nature of the exercise. The difference between this type of training and continuous training is that the intensity or speed of the exercise varies, meaning that aerobic and anaerobic systems can be put under stress. Most fartlek sessions last a minimum of 45 minutes and can vary from aerobic walking to anaerobic sprinting. Fartlek training is generally associated with running, but can include almost any kind of exercise.

I've registered to do the Chicago Marathon in October, and the training has begun. Right now I'm mainly running intervals or fartleks, which I like to call them most. Mostly because no matter how often I say it, it surprises Jason and it grosses him out.

I first started running about two years ago, and I've fallen in love with it. I started by running 5K's and 10K's, but then I stepped it up and ran the half-marathon last August. (The picture is me after the run) I've pretty much stayed in "half-marathon shape", if there is such a thing, and so I'll slowly start adding on the miles. I have about six months to go so I have plenty of time. And I figure that if I can do the half then I can do the full, right?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Listening to

Eef Barzelay. Bitter Honey.

You put your hands upon it-But it only ever squirms-You're staring in the mirror-And you're counting every germ-I'm not surprised she left you-That she found the nerve to tell-The thing you claim to love so much-You don't do very well

I'm sure someone will love you-'Til the day that you must die-And someone will mourn for you-With bitter, tear stained eyes-Will this be enough for you-You got them in your spell-Because the thing you claim to hate-You do it very well

Was it written in the stars-Or in your mother's gut-Will you be as pure as snow-Or just some angry mutt-The price of it has just gone down-And you did not think to sell-But in doing all these hateful things-You are unparallel-At doing all these hurtful things-You really do excel

The truthfulness must leave the room-If I ever wish you well


This past Saturday Jason took me to The Home Depot. No, we didn't go there to buy home gadgets or paint, he took me there because they sell my favorite hot dog. And I'm not even that big of a hot dog fan. But these are so good. As we were heading back to the car with hot dogs in tow, this little boy and his parents were walking past our car. All the sudden he was pointing at our license plate saying, "Look, Oklahoma!!" I don't blame the kid for being excited, I remember how neat it was to see a license plate from an obscure state. As they were looking at our car, Lash and I walked up. The dad says, now pointing to us, "Look they're from Oklahoma! (while I'm wiping mustard off my face, feeling like a freakshow at the circus) They came all the way from Oklahoma to go to Home Depot!"

No my friend, we came all the way from Oklahoma to get a hot dog.

The picture is a framed, embroidered cloth from the centennial that is hanging in our kitchen. We really love and miss living in Oklahoma. We cannot wait to get home.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

So Blessed

Jason and I finally broke down and bought a digital camera. We are so excited!! No more throw away cameras with horrible quality pictures! It's been a long time coming...

We've had some unexpected expenses come up over the past couple of months, and money has been very tight. Not that we normally have tons of money or we spend money extravagantly (let's be honest he's a student and I have a good job, but not that good of a job), but we are able to get by.  We've really had to cut back on our spending, and there have been many days I've been worried, but God has always provided for us. We've truly been "rich in spirit" and this has been one of the most freeing and happy times for us. We've been so blessed. 

The camera is something that we felt we needed, not just something we've wanted. So yesterday was the day that we could finally get the camera. We've already taken tons of pictures, and we're excited for the 5 of you who read this blog to see pictures of our place (there will be more posted, I'm just having trouble with the formatting right now).  So here are a couple of our pictures of our little home. Please excuse the picture I'm asleep in. Jason REALLY wanted to use the camera, regardless of what I looked like.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Why is it so easy

On a normal day I can pick out an outfit in one or two tries. (Before I go on, I must say that I just spelled "tries", trys. I looked at it for a while and decided it was correct. But it was nagging me so I spell-checked it. That’s enough to tell you the day I’ve had.) But there are some days, and today is one those days, that it takes me several tries to pick out an outfit. I just did not feel good in any of the clothes I was wearing. The outfit didn’t go with my hair (it had to be in a pony today), or the shoes were all wrong, or the pants didn’t fit right…I really couldn’t get it right. As the clothes pile grew, so did my frustration. I wanted to panic because I was going to be late for work. So I decided I needed some help.

Lash has been working a lot recently, and today was his day to sleep in a little bit, but I nonchalantly woke him up anyway. I showed him my final outfit to see if thought is was cute. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “Does this outfit look okay?”
Him: “You look beautiful.”
Me: “But does the outfit look cute?”
Him: “Turn around” (I turn around and show him the entire outfit) “Yeah”
Me: “But does it look okay?”
Him: (Growing frustration) “The outfit looks great”
Me: “Do I look pretty?
Him: “Morgandi, I’ve told you five times that you look great in that outfit.”
Me: (Sheepishly) “Thank you. I was just asking.”

I think the bottom line was this: I wasn’t feeling confident. We should feel good about myself no matter what. The focus should not be on the outside, but on the inside. Why is it so easy for us to pick ourselves apart? Sometimes I think we are our own worst critics.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It feels like

I don't want to tempt fate here, but it feels like Spring outside. It was a little chilly, but I could actually feel warmth from the sun.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The battle of the charger

I believe firmly in the fact that everything should have its place. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm a bit of a neat freak, but I like everything put away. Jason will help me out and put things away, but the one thing that Jason and I do not agree on is the phone charger. I like to put my charger in a drawer and get it out when I need to use it. Jason likes to leave his charger in our dining room, by the staircase. And when I say leave it, I mean he just leaves it there, in plain view, even when it's not being used.

So this is our battle. Should I just leave the phone charger in the wall, or should he put it away?

Comments. Suggestions.

(Understand that I have this all in perspective. This in not that big of a deal, but please humor me.)