Friday, April 4, 2008

Why is it so easy

On a normal day I can pick out an outfit in one or two tries. (Before I go on, I must say that I just spelled "tries", trys. I looked at it for a while and decided it was correct. But it was nagging me so I spell-checked it. That’s enough to tell you the day I’ve had.) But there are some days, and today is one those days, that it takes me several tries to pick out an outfit. I just did not feel good in any of the clothes I was wearing. The outfit didn’t go with my hair (it had to be in a pony today), or the shoes were all wrong, or the pants didn’t fit right…I really couldn’t get it right. As the clothes pile grew, so did my frustration. I wanted to panic because I was going to be late for work. So I decided I needed some help.

Lash has been working a lot recently, and today was his day to sleep in a little bit, but I nonchalantly woke him up anyway. I showed him my final outfit to see if thought is was cute. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “Does this outfit look okay?”
Him: “You look beautiful.”
Me: “But does the outfit look cute?”
Him: “Turn around” (I turn around and show him the entire outfit) “Yeah”
Me: “But does it look okay?”
Him: (Growing frustration) “The outfit looks great”
Me: “Do I look pretty?
Him: “Morgandi, I’ve told you five times that you look great in that outfit.”
Me: (Sheepishly) “Thank you. I was just asking.”

I think the bottom line was this: I wasn’t feeling confident. We should feel good about myself no matter what. The focus should not be on the outside, but on the inside. Why is it so easy for us to pick ourselves apart? Sometimes I think we are our own worst critics.


Anonymous said...

Amen. And amen.

I don't know why it's so easy to get caught up in the superficial. It happens way too easily. I blame the devil. He's a rat.

Incidentally, you looked beautiful in that outfit.

Love you.

Katie said...

Ok, let me start with HA! Jeff and I laughed (he also told me he would kill me if I woke him up:)) And then your last paragraph, let's just say it hit home. Preach on sista! Maybe we get caught up in the outside b/c we see it easily? I'm glad you have a great man to support you, even early in the morning!