Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Honeymoon

Jason and I are heading back to Chicago right now. We spent the past couple of days in Oklahoma and we had a really great time. (There will be more about our visit posted within the next couple of days.) Since we spent the last month apart and we don't have the money to really travel, we decided to split up our trip and take a "vacation." As with anything we do that remotely resembles anything out of our normal routine, I call it a honeymoon. What can I say? It's a little silly and unnecessary, but it makes things more fun (probably only in my mind). Jason plays along just to amuse me.

Here's how we're spending this very romantic honeymoon. We arrived at the tropical destination of Rolla, MO this afternoon around 3:00. The next hour was spent at the pool, where I inevitably ended up with a sunburn. After a shower (because I haven't showered in two days), we headed out to a romantic dinner at this remote restaurant called "Applebee's". I ended up ordering a sangria and the sixteen year old, brace-faced, extra smiley waitress tried to convince me to order the special peach sangria because it has peach schnapps, which is SOOO good--according to her. I ordered the normal sangria, which I told her was SOOO good. And by the way, I must interject that I'm not making fun of her for having braces; I was that goofy girl...I still am. During dinner, storm clouds started rolling in. If you know my husband, you know he gets very concerned about storms. He starts throwing out all of these meteorological terms and we have to watch the T.V. until the storm passes. In fact, we ordered dessert to go and he made me throw it away at the hotel while I was eating it because of the thunderstorm warning.

So here I am, on our honeymoon...blogging. I am blogging because my husband is watching the weather, he's finding all of the shelters in the hotel, and he's trying to make me move away from the window. AND, he made me throw away my dessert.

But all in all, I love anything out of the norm, and I love this honeymoon. However, I must stop writing because I think he's going to make me duck and cover in the bathroom any second now.


Dara said...

I just laughed out loud. Cumulus clouds in the distance!

marge said...

hahaha thats funny
love you girl