Thursday, May 8, 2008

Five Calorie Snack

Extra gum must be desperate for sales. They are promoting their gum as 5 calorie SNACK. That's right, a piece of gum. Unless it morphs into an apple or a ham sandwich when chewed, it should not be considered a snack. Come on people! A piece of gum does not a snack make.

Side note: I just paid $3.91 for gas. I was pulling into the gas station and when I saw the price, I almost turned around. I really thought that I could find a better price out there. But then the stark and dooming realization hit. Plus, I really needed the gas because I had been driving on empty for the past three days. This gasoline had better be made of gold.

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Anonymous said...

Sick on a stick. Guess I shouldn't have been so quick to gripe about $3.59 last night. Stinkin' gas....