Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Mere Rebuttle

You're not going to believe this, my husband is actually interested in my blog! Gena, thank you for letting him know about the post. He was so curious abou the "Honeymoon" post, that he read it and loved, I might add. But he felt compelled to tell his side of the story. Here it is...the less funny and less entertaining version of our Rolla, MO visit.

In the words of Jason Lashley:

"The minute we pulled into the hotel with dessert in hand, a fierce wind picked up. Within ten minutes we were under a tornado warning. Little to my surprise, the lady at the front desk (who was also watching the weather channel in the lobby with us...as we ate our dessert) hung on every word I said regarding the situation we were in. Before I could get the words out, "tornado warning" she was on the phone to every customer in the hotel commanding they duck and cover in the stairwell. There was also some snaggle-tooth fellow Okie exclaiming she saw a funnel drop down and pick up the pool furniture, only a few feet before it leveled the hotel. (NOTHING HAPPENED) So needless to say, I felt rather calm and mature for my surroundings, or compared to the people surrounding me.

So tell me, what would you do if your totally oblivious spouse was eating a blonde brownie, a la mode with caramel sauce, with her nose pressed against a floor to ceiling window as lightning strikes a few feet away from the hotel? Ask her to kindly throw away her dessert and step away from the window?--Or let her be? Tough question."


Mandy said...

I can't believe that Jason, a guy who grew up in Oklahoma was that concerned about the tornado. I would've been sitting there eating my dessert like you Morg!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I'm siding with you, Morg. There are really very few good reasons to throw out a yummy dessert.... Jason should know better. Really.