Saturday, May 3, 2008


My little sister called my last week and told me that my favorite person is coming to visit me. I was surprised when she told me that she's the visitor, but I guess she'll do... :) She will be here next Saturday and she's staying for six days. I'm really excited. I absolutely love hanging out with her. We laugh about things that only the two of us think are funny. She does a mean Jami Smith singing impression. She has a great sense of style and ease about her. She will talk to anyone and everyone for that matter. But I think the best thing is when we see our own mannerisms or looks in each other. Great for me, not so great for her! 

This really couldn't be better timing. I've tried to put on a brave face since the husband's been gone, but I really miss him. Also, MaKenna's going to PacRim in the fall...I'm going to miss her so much (even though I don't get to see her that often anyway). I'm very thankful that I get to hang out with her next week.

I'm ready for you to get here sister! 

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myra said...

Yay for sister time! I know you'll have a blast!