Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom

Okay, so my Mom's birthday was last Saturday, but since I wasn't there (tear) I'm just now posting because I wanted to include pictures of her birthday as well (thank you MaKenna). I'm so thankful for my Mom. She is one of the best people I know--sweet, smart, and strong as heck...I really want to say the "bad" word, but I'll refrain. Happy Birthday!!
On a side note, my mom is technically challenged. Yes friends, laugh, it's where I get it from. She's just now getting the email thing down, well kind of. Anyway, a while back, I was telling her about my blog, "Mom, you can get on there and see pictures and read things I write. You just click on the link I sent you and it will take you right there." Mom--"Oh is that where you can see videos and stuff?" Me--"Well yes you can do that too, but I think you're thinking of YouTube. It's more like a journal with pictures. You can write your deepest and darkest secrets for the entire world to see." Mom--"You write your deepest and darkest secrets?" Me--"Well sometimes...But it's more for pictures. My friends mainly use it to post pictures of their kids and tell funny stories." Mom--"Well you don't have any kids (she's finally stopped asking when we're having children), and you don't even have pets...You should at least get a pet."
Well mother, our landlady won't allow pets and I don't think she allows children either. So my blog self-esteem was shot to heck (again, refrain). I'm sorry we don't have pets or children, but Jason and I have each other and that will just have to suffice for now. However, don't you worry. Someday we'll have pets and babies...probably pets before babies, and I know you'll make the best Grandma and best pet taker-carer of person we've ever seen. Love you!!


Lesley said...

Wow! has it been that long since I have seen you? Man, time flies!

Morgandi Lashley said...
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Morgandi Lashley said...

I do believe it's been that long. I know...I can't believe time is going so fast.

Walt & Saundra said...

OF COURSE I remember you!! In fact, Lisa (Heath) Martin, and I were just talking about you guys the other day. All good, of course, and how we wanted to see you when you came to OKC. How sad am I that we missed you! Next time you're in town, let us know! And give Jason a big hug from me. And I'm with your mom on the babies thing, they are GREAT fun! I only got pooped on once today! (so far...)