Monday, July 7, 2008

Just call me "Kitty"

I have issues. Please let me explain...
The past four days have been glorious; no work, no schedule, lots of naps, good nights sleep. We also did a lot of organizing and cleaning, which I immensely enjoyed. One small problem (triggered by the organization overhaul, I believe), has seeped into my life. When the slightest thing is found out of place, I clean or put it away accordingly and immediately. Not such a bad thing, right? Well no, except for the fact that over the course of four days, I have managed to successfully "put away" my husband's keys (as they are normally out of place) in my purse on five different occasions. This is definitely not where they belong. Why am I doing this? I have absolutely no idea. I have no recollection of putting his keys in my purse, and when he wasn't able to find his keys I helped him search high and low. We've literally torn closets apart over this issue. By the third time he couldn't find his keys, we became wiser (and more frustrated) and went directly to the black-hole known as my purse.
This morning after lecturing him on the fact that he should keep his keys on his person at all times, I went to unlock my car with HIS KEYS. I know, I am absolutely going insane. It doesn't help that he called me this morning asked if I had his Student ID. It's in my purse!!! I proceeded to tell him that I'm like a cat who hides their owner's keys and other personal belongings. Pretty soon I'm going to start pooping in his shoes. He'd better watch out.


Dara said...

Amelia would be so proud.

Tamra said...

Morg! That's hilarious. We have to pre-hide stuff when the housekeepers come because they like to put things away too -- except they have no idea where anything goes so they just make it up. Just yesterday, I finally found where my thank-you note stuff was!