Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sappy, Sappy Mess

Jason took me out on a date Saturday night to our favorite restaurant in Lake Forest. They have my favorite cheeseburger, and you know I love a good cheeseburger! We had such a wonderful night...they have the most beautiful patio and the weather was perfect. While we were eating, a group of 30-something, impeccably dressed ladies came in and were seated at the table next to us. I couldn't help but smile at them; they were having such a good time. A little while later, Jason said to me, "That's going to be you and your friends in ten years." I started laughing while agreeing with him, and then, inevitably, the tears started coming. It was one of those cries where I was trying to cover up my face with my hair so that no one would see. Eventually, I just had to stoop over the table and look the other way. Needless to say, I miss my friends!! And yes, that will be us in ten years.
Girls, I could not find a group picture of us! We need to take an updated picture in November.

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Dara said...

We will rectify the picture situation. Let's all wear I heart Cubs shirts:)

So I was really sad because I lost that purple shirt but now I feel that it was serendipitous because I look 8 months pregnant.