Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Top of my list

I am so excited because Jason and I are going to see Coldplay tonight! It will be my first time to see them (Jason's second time) and I've been like a kid waiting for Christmas. I can finally begin checking people off my list.

Here's my list of top concerts I want to see:
The Arcade Fire
and my guilty pleasure, Sheryl Crow (I'm going to her concert in August)

I wouldn't kick 'em out of bed for eating crackers list:
Patty Griffin
The Flaming Lips
Ryan Adams
Ray Lamontagne
Damien Rice

If you don't already know how dorky I am, I will show you my true colors. In preparation for the concert tonight, I have been listening to all of the Coldplay albums for the past couple of months non-stop. This morning during my run, I listened to samplings of all the songs. I want to be prepared in case they need me to fill in tonight...and by they, I mean Coldplay, and by Coldplay, I mean Chris Martin.

Another side note, since I'm rambling anyway, I would highly advise against taking a swig of Pepto Bismol before running. I was trying to abate the damage done by the beans I had eaten the night before, but I think it added fuel to the flame. World War III was occuring in my very own stomach. I still don't know who won...It definitely wasn't me.


Dara said...

I saw Coldplay 2 years ago and they were AMAZING. The best concert I've ever been too. I'd actually go see them again. U2 is on my list too. I saw Sheryl Crow at Lilith Fair. I'm so 90's

Tamra said...

How did it turn out? Did you rush the stage when Chris turned to cough, sure he was gonna have to sit that one out and you'd get your chance to shine? Did security try to escort you out, only to be met with a sassy yet slurred "don't push me, I'm leavin'"???

OK Chick said...

How was Coldplay? They are coming to OKC in November and I'm going to see them.