Monday, July 14, 2008

TV Watching

Does anybody else watch Jon & Kate Plus 8? I just started watching this show and I'm completely hooked. I usually don't watch TLC except for What Not to Wear, and I'll sometimes watch Little People, Big World, except I'll usually turn it off before an episode finishes because the dad really bugs me.... But anyway, I think this show is fascinating. If you haven't seen an episode, I highly suggest it.


Gena said...

Oh, yeah. We love it. Correction, me and Raegan love it. Erick could do without, and says it stresses him out just watching it.

Morgandi said...

Yeah, Jason cringes everytime I watch it.

Amy said...

I'm blog stalking you, so you don't know me, but have mutual friends! I love this show and my 8 year old and I have seen all of the episodes.

We make "monkey munch" all the time!