Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Schnitzel & Sheryl Crow

Last Friday, Jason was sweet enough to take me to see Sheryl Crow in concert. After commuting for 3 hours that day (Jason not me), we made the hour drive to Milwaukee in enough time to enjoy a great dinner before the concert. We'd been hearing about this highly acclaimed German restaurant and decided to give it a try. Not to mention, I've been hearing about schnitzel from anyone and everyone who has ever had it. The dinner was very good. Who would have thought that a breaded piece of pork with lemon would taste so good? The picture to the right is the best I could get of the restaurant. I was a little embarrassed to use the flash and I'm in desperate need of some camera lessons.
After dinner, we headed over to the concert. I must say that after going to the Coldplay concert a few weeks prior, I was shocked by the differences between the two. Coldplay played to a packed house. There was not an empty chair...even during the opening acts. There had to have been at least 20,000 people there and it was quite an intense crowd. Hence, Sheryl Crow. When we walked in about 15 minutes before she played, let me just say that we didn't have any trouble finding our seats on the floor. NO ONE was there. There were like two die-hard James Blunt fans (her opening act) who were on their feet singing "You're Beautiful" like it was the best song ever written. People slowly began trickling in and the crowd was quite interesting. It was mainly comprised of older couples...not that that's a problem, it was a very layed back atmosphere. Quite nice. I remember saying to Jason, "This is more my scene. " The only problem is that it seems like Jason and I have the worst luck with the people who sit (or stand) in front of us. Since we were on the floor at both concerts, we didn't have that stadium slant to give us a little height boost. You have to find your little window where you can kind of see, and pray that nothing disturbs your view. At Sheryl Crow, there was a drunk couple (she was probably 20, he was probably 52 and very pervy) who made out the entire time. It messes up your window! Finally after knocking over their chairs and getting in a drunken fight, they left about half-way through. At Coldplay, there was this girl who decided that since she was so special, she could stand up in her chair to get a better view. I could hear the squeaky dialogue in her head, and it went something like this, "I'm so teeny-tiny and cute that I can stand up on this chair and it won't block anyone's view. Why is that girl (me) shooting me really bad looks? I'm the only person in this whole world that matters."
Needless to say, Sheryl Crow was amazing. She did not miss a beat. Even Jason, who can be a little musically critical was impressed. Overall it was a wonderful concert with a wide range of her hits. Plus I must add that we were able to get very close to the stage, and she doesn't look a day over 25. She's really beautiful...and tiny. It was a great evening, and I have to thank my sweet husband who probably didn't really want to see Sheryl Crow, but went anyway and made it a great evening.

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