Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lunchables Madness

I was at the grocery store today, which is very exciting because the past two months of shopping trips have consisted of vomiting, queasiness, and feeling faint. I swear that the food had eyes and were taunting me to eat them. I still get a little wobbly around the meat section, but I'm getting better.

While strolling through the aisles, there was a product that was like a bright and shining beacon--Lunchables. I was pulled into the section like a magnet and stood there and stared at all of the options. I chose and turkey and cheese lunchable and made a beeline for the checkout stands. While the cashier was checking me out, I asked her to leave the lunchable out so that I could keep it in my purse (like you would gum or water); she looked at me like I was a little weird, but I couldn't care less. While eating my stackable snack in the car, a few things dawned on me. A.) I probably shouldn't be eating the turkey meat, but I figured that it wasn't real turkey meat anyway, B.) I hadn't had a lunchable since I was in elementary school, on a field trip at the zoo, and C.) I was eating a lunchable in my car. What is happening to me? 

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