Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A small, but growing update

I have a little announcement to share with all of you out there in the blogosphere. For most of you who read my blog, this won't come as much of a shock because you already know the news. And actually there are only like 5, maybe 6 people (my friends who already know) who read my blog, so I guess I won't truly be shocking anyone. So here it goes... Since there aren't enough Lashley's in this world, Jason and I have decided to make our contribution. We are expecting a baby.

Now I had this whole elaborate plan of how I was going to post the exciting news, but while I was lying awake at 3 this morning, I changed that plan. I've decided to just go ahead and do like a FAQ's section and post some pictures of my belly. Before I start giving the details, I must warn you. My maternal instinct is only like a quarter-tank full at this point, so if I say something inappropriate or un-motherly I apologize now. Also, you must know that no matter what I say, I do have perspective on things. Even though I may not always have the best attitude about things, I'm very, very thankful.

So here are the typical questions I've been asked so far, and the answers I give (most of the time):
How far along are you/When are you due? I'm twelve weeks along and my due date is March 1st.
How are you feeling (with a grimaced expression)? I've definitely had all of the pregnancy symptoms. I don't need to explain, you know what they are. I must say that I am feeling better and I'm actually able to somewhat function in my life. But I'm tired all the time. I was on the couch last night, and I spent forty minutes trying to convince myself to put my dinner plate in the dishwasher. In the end, I decided it could wait until the morning. I'm still holding out hope for that day when I wake up and feel like a new person. That should be around the corner, right? Please? Help me!
Is Jason excited? Yes. He is beside himself. I've never seen him so happy or excited. When I took the positive pregnancy test, I was not that excited. In fact, there were tears, weeping on the floor, and lots of panicking. He is the one who grabbed me and assured me that we could do this. The shear joy on his face was enough to turn my mind around. I knew that we could do it. Throughout everything so far, he has been so supportive and loving. I haven't been the nicest person in the world to him (blaming the hormones), but he has been nothing but wonderful.
Are you still running? I think it's funny that I get asked this question, but I guess enough people in my life know that I love to run. The answer is yes (doctor approved), but I'm not running the same distance and I am much, much slower. I was training fervently for the marathon, but it got to the point where I was too exhausted to run as much. With much dismay, I decided to forego the marathon this year, but I will run in one the Fall after the baby is born. At this point I'm just trying to run 15-20 miles each week. Some weeks I do great, and some I don't. I've had to learn to really listen to my body and take it easy when I need to.

So that's pretty much it for right now. I have a couple of pictures below. The first picture is when I was six weeks along, and the second picture is of me this morning. And yes, I'm taking my own picture, so please excuse the up-close armpit shot. One more thing, Jason's in Oklahoma for four weeks (more details later) and so I'm holding up the fort here in Chicago. Keep us in your prayers.

6 weeks

12 weeks


The Shoemakes said...

Congrats, Morg! : ) You and Jason will be wonderful parents!

- Jeff

p.s. I got out the old water balloon slingshot recently, with the 11-yr. old boy we've befriended across the street. I can't look at one of those without having a thousand hilarious memories of Jason flood through my mind (slingshot, not 11-yr. olds)! Be sure and tell him hey for me. Take care!

Dara said...

Awww! I'm glad i don't have to keep this secret anymore:) I think it's great that you're still running it will make everything so much easier for you in the long run (ha long run) It worked for Nicole Kidman!

Lailah Rafik said...

Yay! congratulations! so how do you feel? (wink)

Emily said...

"I'm still holding out hope for that day when I wake up and feel like a new person. That should be around the corner, right?"

Um, yeah. Like when the kid is 18.

Keep up the exercise!


Newberry said...

I'm sooooo excited for you guys! You're beginning such a fun time in your lives. You'll love being parents and you will both be great at it!

Gena said...

Woo hoo! I've been dying to tell you how excited we are. Jason told Erick like the second you found out... it's been a hard secret to keep. Morgandi, your little belly is so cute. (I'm not sure it's a belly yet).

April said...

You are going to be the cutest pregnant girl ever! I can't wait to see more pictures!

April said...

Hi Morgandi,
I just came across your blog today. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Being a mom is so much fun!

Katie said...

HOW FUN!!!! Thanks for the FAQs! I too would be in tears if "the test" was positive. Way to be a GREAT husband Jason! Jeff sends a congrats too! Father, bless this pregnancy, keep mamma and little Lashley healthy! Thanks Father!

Jayspee27 said...

Morg!! You're pregnant?!?! Who knew?!?! I can't tell you how excited I am for you guys. Your 12 week pic is so cute. It's baby burrito belly! Can I call the baby that? "baby burrito"?
Love ya!!