Monday, October 6, 2008

I just had to scream.

I'm so excited because we are getting one of these. There are not too many things here that bring the comforts of home, food-wise that is. We don't have Sonic, Taco Bueno, Braum's, or Chick-fil-a. The one place we go when we're homesick is Bahama Breeze, but I hear there's not one of those in Oklahoma anymore.

This is such great news. I nearly jumped out of the car when I saw the sign. I can't wait to get the Fiesta Spud and Jason really wants the Big Beef sandwich. It's the simple things in life people!

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Liz Jordan said...

hey there! I knew it was going to be Jason's Deli even before I clicked the link! I saw your blog through Lynn's and I'm so thrilled to see you and Jason doing so well. Please give him my best? I am a blog fanatic too...
Blogspot is the best!

You're beautiful and I'm glad to be in touch :)
Liz Kaiser