Wednesday, October 15, 2008

See ya!

This picture can only mean one thing. Jason's leaving again...Well actually, he already left. This post is a little belated, but better late then never. For the next four weeks he is doing a rotation in Ft. Worth. I love to watch him pack because he's one of the fastest and most efficient packers I've ever met. He can fit more stuff into a car; it's really amazing. Case and point, this picture.

Yes, that's a drum. It's very important to travel with drums nowadays. Gena, I'm really sorry. I think this ended up at your house.

My sweet husband before he left. I just have to say how proud of him I am. I know that he has done this for us, and I am so grateful. School has been really difficult, but it's been worth it. Moving away has shaped our marriage in ways that never would've happened otherwise. God knew it was exactly what we needed. I can't believe that we've almost made it to graduation. I can't wait to see what's in store.

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Tamra said...

Bye, Lash! Travel safely!

So Morg, I think it's time for another belly shot. Who's with me on this?!

Love all three of you. :)