Sunday, November 16, 2008


Jason did some major BBQ-ing yesterday. It's one of his favorite things, which coincides with a day full of football. Yay... Jason woke up really early, got all of his gear and the food prepared, and the grilling bonanza commenced. We invited our neighbors to join in, and they added a delicious brisket into the mix. Ironically enough, the rub they used to flavor the brisket is a recipe called "Smoke-lahoma", so of course it was delicious. Here's the laundry list of grilled foods: brisket, pork loin, ribs, and jalapeno poppers. Since our menu was a little protein heavy, I made mashed potatoes, lemony biscuits, and gooey-chocolate cake. It was quite the feast, and it was very filling. I swore off food forever. Too bad that promise only lasted a few hours...

Jason with his two grills (even though you can only see one).

The guys with the spread of food.

Meat, meat, and more meat.

The crew. Aren't the girls so cute?

I have to say that we love our neighbors. They are always bringing us food, asking us over for dinner, dropping off hand-me-down baby clothes, or stopping by to chat. We also love spending time with their girls. They are the sweetest! Yesterday, they were talking to the baby through my belly. The littlest girl said the she heard the baby talk. Apparently she said, "bah". Our baby is very advanced! Their family has become a big part of our life. We are going to miss them so much when we move.

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