Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Road Trip: Whitehead Style

My sister has been with me for the past couple of days, and it's been so great to have her here. She's been on the Pac Rim trip with OC for the past three months and it' so good to have her back! We are spending the next couple of days driving to Oklahoma and I'm really looking forward to it. Nothing but the road, a rental car, some movies, my swollen ankles and two Whitehead girls who are profoundly great with directions*.   It started snowing today, and we're expected to get about 4 inches of snow tonight. I love the Midwest* and I can't wait to shovel my car out tomorrow morning*. I'm also excited about the fact that the roads are so bad that I had to miss my hair appointment tonight*. 
I'm hoping that the weather will be kind to us throughout our drive. Please say a little prayer for us as we travel. Looking forward to seeing ya'll in Oklahoma! 

*Please insert sarcasm.


LYNN said...

You two are entirely too beautiful to be in one photograph together.

Jay and Maria Akridge said...

The beauty of the Lord runs deep in this family...and it starts with their mama.