Monday, February 16, 2009

3rd Time's the Charm

After a nice, long stroll around town this morning, I walked in the door and announced to Jason, "This is it. I feel it this time." After two failed attempts, we put on our jackets, grabbed the camera, and headed out the door. The anticipation mounted as we headed downtown. We pulled up to the building and smiled with anticipation. We hurriedly parked the car, ran across the street, and stood in line. Where were we? Only the greatest hot dog establishment in Chicago, "Hot Doug's"! 
This is all due to Anthony Bourdain (my boyfriend and love of my life). He featured this restaurant on his show "No Reservations" a few weeks back, and Jason and I have been dying to go. We've actually attempted to go there twice, but the line was so long that it would've taken about 2 hours to get in. 2 hours in the Chicago cold? That's a little brutal.  About 9:30 this morning, we decided to give it another try. Third time's the charm, right? We got there about 10:15 (they open at 10:30) and we didn't have to wait very long at all. It was amazingly good! They have the most eclectic menu with the most delectable array of encased meats. Of course, we documented the occasion with pictures. 

The mural in the bathroom. Hilarious!

Their normal menu.

The Specials. You have to read the descriptions.

No explanation needed.

Our order (clockwise): The Dog, The Kiera Knightley, Foie Gras and Sauternes Duck Sausage, Uber Garlic Pork Sausage and fries. On Friday's and Saturday's they serve duck-fat fries, but it was Monday so we didn't get to try them. A bummer because I felt like we didn't have enough fat in this meal.

Jason trying the Kiera Knightley. I feel really weird typing those words. It sounds a little strange and wrong.

The best Chicago-style dog I've ever had. I'm really sorry I look so disgusting, but this was not about vanity, this was all about the dog.

This may sound silly, but this was an awesome experience. I feel like I can go on with my life now. And our little Chlo-dog (as we so lovingly refer to her) loved it too. The second the hot dog hit my stomach, she got the hiccups. She's already a ravenous little thing. I wonder where she gets that from?


OCdeanwife said...

If those don't induce early labor, nothing will! Ask me about my hot dog craving when we were expecting Paige -- too funny! You look great!

Newberry said...

I love Chicago style hotdogs, and those look so good! Kind of random, but when I was pregnant hot dogs are what I craved. I wish I would have lived in Chicago then :)

myra said...

Patrick and I are soooooooo jealous! We were completely salivating over that Bourdain show and I've been craving a good hot dog ever since. Glad you got to experience that.

Your new blog layout is really cute and you look fabulous btw!

Dara said...

I love Anthony Bourdain. I'm really excited that we're getting cable again so I can watch him again and again.

Gene said...

Is that a DILL PICKLE that your dog is sporting?...for the little pregnant girl? I guess that dill pickle thing is not just a rumor...!

We are so excited for you two...uh, three!

Gene and Paula