Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Today, Lash turned 31 and we had a really great day. We woke up to about 6 inches of snow and a snow storm, so we stayed in for most of the day. We watched a movie, napped, cleaned, I baked (destroyed) a cake...but more of that later. For Jason's birthday dinner, we went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants, "Francesca's". Here are some pics from dinner.

After a wonderful dinner we headed back home for birthday cake. So here's the thing. I love to cook, but baking is not really my specialty. But I decided to be brave and give it a try. Earlier today I successfully made a yellow cake and I let it sit out to cool. When we got home, I decided to add the frosting. Disaster! First of all, one can was not enough. And to add insult to injury, the top of the cake pulled up into the icing. I honestly think that this was the first time I have ever iced a cake. It might be the last. The candles helped cover the island of icing, but the outer edges of the cake could not be helped. I had to take pictures.

Not at all phased by the cake. God bless him.

Happy Birthday, Jason. I hope that you had a good day. Sorry about the cake. I hope it at least tastes good. You are the love of my life and you make everyday so bright. Always remember how loved you are.  

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OCdeanwife said...

OK, you should have called Paige for advice on cake icing. If you dip your knife/spatula/icing spreader in water between passes over the cake, it will not destroy the cake. However, how it tastes is more important than how it looks. Hope Jason had a great birthday! Love you and miss you!