Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One for the Record Books

Jason and I have been going to Buffalo Wild Wings every couple of weeks to eat some wings. While the wings are good we mainly go to play trivia. Jason is really good at trivia. I mean REALLY good. He usually wins the game and always beats me. Well tonight we went to BWW mainly for the wings, the really spicy wings...You may not know but I'm expecting a baby, and she's due in about 5 days. She's being a little stubborn thing so I thought maybe some spice might help. It won't, but why not try? Anyway, the trivia tables have turned. We played two games. The first game I got 2nd place and beat Jason. The second game I got 1st place!! I was screaming and cheering. It was probably a little embarrassing for Jason, but I don't care. This will probably never happen again. But tonight, for one night, the stars have aligned.

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