Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blogging with a Baby

A night with a couple hours of sleep- check.
A 2-minute shower- check.
Wash my hair- check. Well, I washed it a few days ago. Good enough for me. 
Get dressed for the day- check. Not completely dressed until 2 PM. Whatever.
Grab a quick bite to eat- check.
A sleeping baby- check.
Computer- check.
Unoccupied right hand- check.

This is the way you blog with a newborn. And yes, I typed this whole thing with one hand. It only took about 20 minutes. Hey, I'm impressed.


Mandy said...

Good job Morg! I didn't have a blog when Viv was that small so I'm impressed.

Gena said...

And you have on makeup and cute clothes. This calls for a celebration in itself. ;) Also, can you e mail me your address? I need to put something in the mail to you that's long overdue.

Dara said...

I really enjoyed typing papers for grad school with one hand. That was fun. I don't think I put makeup on for 3 months. Good job.

Jayspee27 said...

you're a natural!