Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Due Date

To our little girl,

Today is a big day, a special day. It's your due date! We have been waiting for this day since we found out that I was pregnant with you. It's amazing to think that you were once just a tiny speck and now you are a baby; a baby we already love so much. The journey from then to now has been full of wonder. We have learned so much and you have changed our lives in ways that you will never know. 
We honestly thought that you would be here by now, but that's okay, we'll wait. Over the past couple of weeks we have learned that there's no convincing me, I've tried everything! We get the picture, you're going to do this your way. So we'll patiently wait. But I do have to let you in on a little secret. You, my little girl, are going to be so loved. While I'm excited about being your mom, I think I am most excited by the loving people you will be surrounded by in your life. From your family, to friends, to people you may never even know. We are all excited to love you when you enter this world. 
While we await your arrival, we will cherish the last few moments of "expecting a baby". But believe me, we cannot wait to be the eyes you gaze at during your first moments on this earth. We cannot wait to see your sweet face, kiss your hands, and thank God for you. Oh, and your dad may check out your feet, but don't you worry, you will understand the "feet thing" when you get a little older. You are going to love him so much! 
So when you are ready, you just pack your little bag and head on out. We will be here, waiting for you. We love you!


Joe and Talsie said...

What beautiful words. Those last moments of waiting will be rewarded with one of the greatest and most special blessings of your life. Congratulations and good luck! It goes by so quickly!

MaKenna said...

thanks for making me cry.

also, i will only love her if she is wearing stilettos and a baby vogue in hand.

OCdeanwife said...

Thanks for making me cry, but my allergies are so bad right now that it just looks they are watering again! Little Lashley is going to love Oklahoma -- in spite of the allergens! We love you guys and can't wait to hear the good news that she has arrived! We love you!

Ryan and Allison said...

This made me cry! Best wishes!