Saturday, March 28, 2009

Walk of Shame

I never thought I would take the walk of shame as the mother of an almost three-week old. 

Last night went like this.
7:15-hungry baby, feed. change diaper. rock to sooth. CRY.
8:00-hungry baby, feed. change diaper. rock to sooth. CRY.
9:00-hungry baby, feed change diaper. rock to sooth. CRY.
9:30-hungry baby, rock to sooth. fall asleep. put in bed. wake up. CRY.
Repeat previous line 4 times.

Wake up this morning to a hungry baby with a blown out diaper. Realize I'm in the same clothes I wore last night. I slept in my jeans. Welcome to motherhood. And yet there's a silver lining. My maternity jeans were so stretched out (yes, I still am wearing my maternity jeans. Please don't judge.) that I was forced to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans. Thank you little girl for being so hungry, you helped your mama fit into her jeans. 

A picture of my girl, just because.

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Young Fam said...

Cooper used to do that, eat and still be hungry, I gave him a little bit of formula, like 2 oz., it won't ruin them off the other, but it'll give you a break. We didn't last on the other, but there's a few other reasons for that!