Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Have to Look Closely

Like we don't have enough leaking things around this house; boobs, babies, etc. Now my kitchen sink faucet has decided to spring a leak. You get squirted with a tiny stream of water every time you use it. (You have to look really closely at the picture, but you'll see it.) Thank you universe for adding insult to injury. I need to start wearing waterproof clothes.

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Gene said...

I love that beautiful little girl! What a little sugar-machine!! You guys are so blessed! Welcome to 'The Club.'
It's going to be a fun ride!!!!!

As for that faucet: I addressed the cunning and conspiratorial lives of inanimate objects in my blog tonight. Give that faucet the old 'Shoemake Whomp'...who knows, you may whip it into shape!
(If that doesn't work, then call the plumber -- you may not have fixed it, but it will know who's boss!). :)