Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A sort-of nightmare

Last night, I had dreams about tw1tter. Do I even know what tw1tter is? Not totally. The little bit I do know, I learned by watching Oprah. So again, I know very little.

My tw1tter dream was totally dominated by Chloe. Every time she moved, made a peep, snored, or stirred, it led me to update my tw1tter status. An example status- "Chloe just moved her left arm a few degrees, all while snoring." This lasted ALL night.

Just when I thought I couldn't be more exhausted, I now have to worry about my faux tw1tter account...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mom of the Year

My girl's been a bit fussy lately. I couldn't really pinpoint what was wrong. Am I feeding her enough, playing with her enough, letting her sleep long enough? Is it the dreaded colic??? I think I figured it out. Accidentally. 

We ran out of diapers this morning.

Before I diapered her with paper towels and maxi pads, I remembered that we had a box of diapers that we got from our baby shower. They were a size up from the newborn size that she'd been wearing, but I thought "what the hey, they're free." I didn't realize that the pound recommendations for the different sizes overlap. She's almost ten pounds, so that means she can squeeze her tooshy into the newborn size or she can move into the roomier size up. 

Liberation! There's a huge difference in this little girl. You see, she wouldn't sit (let alone sleep or play) in her papisan or swing very long without bawling. Today she's done it all happily. She actually slept in her swing! I guess it all feels a lot better when your diaper's not squeezing the tar out of your stomach. 

So... I need a manual. No. I need a live-in professional. This poor kid is my guinea pig and I apologize to her now. Maybe in a few years when I've had four kids, I'll be the professional. But until then, all I can say is that I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It's been almost seven weeks. When does the alleged 'mother's intuition' kick in? I thought it'd be here by now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Rough Patch

Yep, this is a picture of me... at 2 months. I doubled my birth weight in a month. I have to say that I was a cute baby, but apparently at this stage in life I looked a little rough. My mother purposely did not show me this picture. I guess she wanted to deny I looked like this? I don't know. I happened to stumble across it while at home. No denying it now. It's posted for all the world to see.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's been a long time, baby

I left blogland (and Chicago) without so much as a goodbye. Sorry....I blame the packing process. INSANE! More about that later. How can one little girl require so much stuff?? Again, more about that later.

This was the family leaving my mom's house in Oklahoma. More about our trip later. Chloe looks like I looked when we drove down the driveway to leave. I wish I could've been as easily pacified as she. 

Anyhow, after a brief stop tonight, we are driving the rest of the way to Chicago tomorrow. Kind of ready to get back to some normalcy. Not going to lie. 

It's been rather strange living without internet. A little bit scary. I had a really fun time cleaning out my email inbox today. Have to catch up on everyone's blogs. 

I have to go. My girl's uncontrollable hands are waking her up. It must really be frustrating to hit yourself in the face and not mean to. But when do you ever mean to?

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Mediator

As all of you parents know, and we've come to learn, nighttime is a tad bit scary. Taking care of a baby during the day is manageable, but at night it's a little overwhelming. It's hard to function when you know that everyone else in the world is asleep...except for other parents. 
The other night, Jason and I had been up with Chloe a couple of times. You know, the normal routine, feed, change diapers, rock to sleep, etc. For some reason, and I will blame being delirious, I decided to pick a fight. I can't even tell you what it was about, but I thought it was the proper time to hash things out. Mid-argument, Chloe decided to blow out her diaper. Shirtless, Jason gets up to change her diaper. He puts her on her changing pad, which was at the end of our bed. She decided that she had enough of the argument and came up with a plan to diffuse the situation. She lifted her legs and shot poo all over Jason's stomach, our bed, the floor, and I'm sure we'll find more later on. After the shock wore off, we started laughing so hard. At that moment, we promised that we would never argue in the middle of the night. We know that Chloe just won't have it, and we don't want to have that situation again. 

Happy 4 weeks little girl. You're our new favorite thing.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Forgot to Mention

We have some big life changes coming up over the next few months. Jason graduates podiatry school in June and we will be headed out for residency. We actually found out while I was in labor with Chloe, that Jason matched with the Oklahoma program! It was a very big day to say the least. Anyway, this means we will be headed to Cleveland in June for his intern year, and then we will be back in Oklahoma in July 2010. While we are enjoying where we are right now, we can't wait to get home! We miss our friends and family so much. 

Total side note. Have I watched ER since George Clooney was on the show? No. Why do I get teary-eyed when the commercial for the series finale comes on? I'm a big fat pile of mush right now.