Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mom of the Year

My girl's been a bit fussy lately. I couldn't really pinpoint what was wrong. Am I feeding her enough, playing with her enough, letting her sleep long enough? Is it the dreaded colic??? I think I figured it out. Accidentally. 

We ran out of diapers this morning.

Before I diapered her with paper towels and maxi pads, I remembered that we had a box of diapers that we got from our baby shower. They were a size up from the newborn size that she'd been wearing, but I thought "what the hey, they're free." I didn't realize that the pound recommendations for the different sizes overlap. She's almost ten pounds, so that means she can squeeze her tooshy into the newborn size or she can move into the roomier size up. 

Liberation! There's a huge difference in this little girl. You see, she wouldn't sit (let alone sleep or play) in her papisan or swing very long without bawling. Today she's done it all happily. She actually slept in her swing! I guess it all feels a lot better when your diaper's not squeezing the tar out of your stomach. 

So... I need a manual. No. I need a live-in professional. This poor kid is my guinea pig and I apologize to her now. Maybe in a few years when I've had four kids, I'll be the professional. But until then, all I can say is that I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It's been almost seven weeks. When does the alleged 'mother's intuition' kick in? I thought it'd be here by now.


Amanda said...

"Mother's intuition" never exactly arrived on my doorstep, either! I felt the same way with Audrey that you are feeling now. The good news is that you will develop your *own* sense of intuition. All new mothers make little mistakes because there is just NO WAY possible to have it all figured out ahead of time. Thank goodness God gives babies and toddlers such short memories, eh? ;) Know that you are doing a wonderful job, the best job you can possibly do, and that your daughter is incredibly lucky to have you as a mother. It's very apparent. :)

Dara said...

Hmm, I won't tell you how many times Aidan fell of the couch before she was 6 months.

Jayspee27 said...

I have no advice but this makes me feel better b/c lets face it, God knows what I will do to my poor kid. You're an incredible mother!! Just remember that!