Sunday, June 14, 2009

Goodbye for Now

Tonight is our last night in Chicago, and the tears are welling up at the thought. This place has been our home for the past four years and I am sad to leave. I feel like I came here a girl, and I'm leaving...well I wouldn't say a woman, but I would say that I've grown up. When you are thrown into a new place with just your husband and 500 guitars, you learn to stick together. You learn to grow together. Out of all of the wonderful things we are leaving with, the thing I'm most proud of leaving with is our strong marriage. Not that it's perfect, it's anything but, but I know in my heart we are the better for this. And of course, I am so happy to have my sweet Chloe. Chicago will always be special because of that girl. We have been so thankful to welcome her into our family. Okay, I've got to stop because I'm getting to emotional, and I'm sure you're bored of my ramblings. So I leave you with some pictures from saying goodbye, packing, and from the weekend.

Saying Goodbye (only for now)
I've talked about Scott and Whitney on my blog before, but I've never posted pictures. Such a shame because they are so cute! Scott is a podiatry student, a year behind Jason, and Whitney and I have worked together for the past two years. They are from Oklahoma and have become our best friends in Chicago. They are two of the sweetest people I know, and have done so many wonderful things for us. It has been so wonderful to go through this experience with such upstanding people. I know that we will be lifelong friends.

A Taste of the Packing Process
I thought I'd just show you a picture of all of our art. I don't think we realized how much we have until we took it all done and put it in one place...

okay, two places. I told you we had a lot.

And my most valued possession, my collection of Vogue.  I left a note for the packers apologizing. This is probably the heaviest box we have. I have to admit that I almost chucked the 6 year collection, but I kept looking at Gwyneth's face on the cover, and I couldn't do it.

I left little notes for the packers on items that should not be packed. It was only intended for the papisan, but thought it was funny when I put Chloe in it.

From the Weekend
Hanging out with cousin Addy. Just try and tell me you don't think those are two of the cutest girls you've ever seen.

Chloe and I before Blake and Rachel's rehearsal dinner. I must go ahead and apologize for my daughter who had a bit of a rough night. To Scott Chapel: I'm sorry that my daughter puked on your pristine floors. And I'm even more sorry that I tried to rub it into the carpet with my foot. I just thought it would get rid of it. To the staff at Iron Starr: I'm sorry that you had to witness a meltdown in the kitchen while I swaddled my daughter. Thank you to the sweet waitress who saw the distress in my eyes as I looked for a place to lay her down to work my swaddling magic. Thank you to all of the waiters who told me I was doing a great job as I rocked my girl to sleep. To Blake and Rachel: I'm sorry that she screamed a little bit during the rehearsal. I learned my lesson and skipped the actual ceremony for the safety of a loud reception. Sorry I missed your wedding, but I know that it was perfect. And to Chloe: I'm sorry that I post when you have an off night. You are a wonderful baby, but it's not as funny when I post things about you being a little angel.

And last but not least, pictures from the reception. It was so wonderful to see everyone. Please excuse my wild hair in the following picture.

This may be the longest post of my life, and if you haven't stopped reading by now, I appreciate you hanging in there with me. I will be out of internet land as we get moved tomorrow. I'll return soon, with what I'm sure will be some crazy Cleveland stories. Peace out.


Allison said...

Awww! I love the last picture so much. What a great family!

Gena said...

You guys are beautiful in that last picture. Love Chloe's face. I'm so glad you're leaving Chicago.....that means you're just one step closer to us.

Love you!

Jayspee27 said...

Morg! You are just too cute! I love the pic of you three girls! You are one city away from moving back to OK!!! I guess you could look at it that way.
My fave pic is the last one! I agree with Gena, Chloe's little smile is worth it all!