Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Enlisting the help of all of you mommas, who are much more competent than I

I need your help. Chloe and I are flying to Oklahoma in a couple of weeks, and I need some advice on the packing/flying situation.

The facts are these:
  • Chloe and I will be by ourselves (start praying for her now)
  • We have an early morning flight with an hour layover in Memphis (start praying for me now)
  • We will be in Oklahoma for 2 weeks
  • Chloe will have a bed at my mom's house...no need to bring one
My questions are these:
  • What is the one thing, or things that are must have travel items?
  • How should I try to handle the car seat/stroller situation? Currently don't have one to borrow in OK. Should I bring my whole system? My arms are starting to hurt now.
  • What's the best method for transporting her around the airport? Stroller, Baby Bjorn?
  • How many Vicodin do I bring (for me)? How much Rum do I bring (for her gums, of course)?
Basically, any tips would be much appreciated. I don't want to look like too much like a dufus


Dara said...

You can borrow Aidan's old stroller and carseat. She has outgrown both and has new ones. They're both Graco so they work with the latch system.

Michelle said...

If you want to borrow our infant seat you can. I could give it to Mandy, maybe she could get it to your mom or is your sister around? It's not girlie, but it would save you the trouble of bringing yours! Other then that we've never flown with Cooper, so that's all I've got for you!

myra said...

I flew several times with Morgandy when she was little. Here's my recommendations.
Bring the stroller and car seat. The stroller will give you a place to put all your stuff. You can check the stroller at the gate. If Jason can go into the airport with you ask the airline to give him a special security pass to help you get through security with everything. If the airplane is full you can check your car seat at the gate. If it's not full and you have an empty seat next to you take the car seat on the plane and put Chloe in it so you don't have to hold her the entire time. You can bring your Baby Bjorn but you have to take her out of it for take off and landings.

Be sure to have an extra change of clothes for Chloe and at least an extra shirt for yourself. Pack it in a ziploc bag and smoosh the air out and it won't take up much room. Nothing like a blowout diaper or spit up at 10,000 feet to make your flight memorable:). (Learned that one the hard way).

My Dr. recommended that I give Morgandy some Tylenol before flying just to "take the edge off". I did it and she's always done great.

Also with the whole extra security measures annoyance you can't bring water with you to mix with formula, but you can bring a already made bottle and most flight attendants are really accommodating to moms and babies. I had one of those little bottle carriers that kept bottles cold and I found it handy when flying.

Sorry if that's info overload. I'm sure everything will be great. My experience is that people are pretty forgiving, kind and helpful when you have a baby with you. Good luck!

Jesse and Toni Connelly said...

If you're bringing you carseat/stroller gate check them so there is no chance of them getting lost. You can't even drive home without a carseat. If your baby is on formula put the powder in the bottles and buy bottled water after the gate to fill them. Baby formula has to go through an extra check at security if it is liquid. Do you have a baby sling. You need some way to hold the baby while you're dismantling everything at security. The sling is really easy and they will let you walk through security with it on. Pick a seat next to an old lady if possible. They tend to be nice/helpful and forgiving about babies. Makes sure she is sucking on a bottle or pacifier for take off and landing. It will help her ears. I've flown with JAC twice and was really apprehensive but it worked out great. He even made it through sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours before take off. Pampers also now makes 12 hours diapers that are handy for trips. Good Luck.

Gena said...

I'm no help, Morg. But if you're in my neck of the woods, I better be getting a call. :)

Mandy said...

When I flew with Viv they did let me bring in her bottle with the water already in it. You could give it a try and see. I really lucked out with the people that actually chose to sit by me, they were older ladies and very nice!