Saturday, July 11, 2009

Note to Self

Next time you vainly have your daughter wear her cute Mary Jane socks, have her wear them with the little rosettes out. Like this:

Because when you have her wear them like this:

This is what you got. Torn up rosettes, with random pieces of thread snagged.

The damage mentioned above occurred on a 20 minute car ride. I guess I should've had some idea, with the rate her legs kick about and feet rub together these days. But I learn as I go. So goodbye pink Mary Jane's. You were cute while you lasted. Good thing I have about eight more pair. And I know that I could sew these back up, but let's be honest, I do not sew. 

Addition Post-post: While getting ready for an outing today, I had Jason put socks on Chloe. While putting on her socks, he whispered, "rosettes out". See it is a good thing I blog about random and stupid things. One more pair of socks saved. 


Mandy said...

Dont throw them away! Bring them home and I will fix them!

Dara said...

Hey at least she has a pair of matching socks. She is so adorable. I love her rolls. Can't wait to see you!

Jesse and Toni Connelly said...

This is really funny. I'm a friend of Jayna's but I stumbled onto your blog and enjoy it.