Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yes, He Works in Mysterious Ways

Today after church, I was approached by a woman who really wanted to meet me. Okay, that's a lie. She wanted to meet my little stinkpot. She begins to tell me what a blessing babies are and then proceeded into a religious rant (I didn't know what other word to use. I don't mean "rant" in a bad way. I just mean a lot of "religious speak"). Not that there's anything wrong with it! It just makes me nervous, always has; and of course I started to sweat profusely. I went into a religious rant in my head, praying that God would allow my daughter to spit-up in my armpit to cover up the ever-growing sweat stain. 

She looks at me and says, "I see you're expecting baby number two." I died a little bit inside. People can already tell??? Oh least they don't think I'm just fat. Or maybe they think I'm pregnant and fat. I. must. stop. now.

She tells me about a lady who has 10 kids. Yes, 10.  An OB/Gyn. You think that at least she would know how babies are made. Then she tells me she has 4. I say that I always wanted 4, but now I don't know. She balks at me and says, "What you want? What you want? It's what God wants." I died a little bit more. I'm always saying the wrong things.

After we finished up the conversation, it really made me think. I have no control over things in my life. I have planned nothing. Obviously, we're not dumb enough to plan two babies this close together. We're not dumb enough to move away from our friends and family for five years. And of course, I don't have the power to convince my daughter to spit-up in my armpit at the appropriate time. God always likes to make me sweat. We couldn't have planned out the path our lives have taken. But I'm thankful He has. Because without His plan, I wouldn't have this crazy-haired monster...

And I probably wouldn't have worn these great boots to church...

God is always throwing me curve balls, and while I'm not happy with all of them, I'm thankful for each one. So God, I think I realize You're in control. And if you want me to be a sweaty mother of 50 back-to-back babies, I pray that you always put me in fabulous shoes. Thank you. Amen.


Lea Liz said...

you're too fuuny. That was a cute post but your so right God is in Control and he really makes the big decisions and blessings :)

Oh and I love those boots!!

Mandy said...

Morgandi, what can I say? I love you and your crazy fabulous footwear! I would've been nervous in that conversation also by the way!