Monday, September 14, 2009

18 Weeks. People of Cleveland, Fear Not

I'm 18 weeks pregnant today. It is so hard to believe because it is going by so fast. No belly picture today. No need. Just imagine my 16 week picture with expanding hips, rear, thighs, belly; you get the picture.

So why write about this 18th week? Because I believe it to be a blessed week. 

Here's why. For the past week, I have not puked. Don't get too excited. I know, I know, it's great news! I have had the worst luck/sickness/punishment from God during this pregnancy. And much like the previous pregnancy, it took forever for the nausea to go away. I feel sorry for anyone who has been around me in public, because it's where the nausea hits. My favorite place to puke? Parking lots. I've puked in almost every parking lot of the places I frequent...Trader Joe's, YMCA, etc. People watch in horror as I lean over the pavement, stroller in one hand, hair held back in the other, showing my glory to the world. What makes it worse is that it does not stop me. I don't turn around and go home. I pass GO and continue shopping, working out, etc. People are horrified to say the least. 

So, to the citizens of this city...come out, come out wherever you are. --Come out of hiding. Go about your life. The Puking Bandit is no longer on the loose, defiling parking lots. Hallelujah!!! I can hear cheering in the streets now.
On a much lighter and more pleasant note. Swimming lessons is a hit. Chloe loves it. I mean LOVES it! She goes crazy in the water. Splashing and laughing and squealing with delight. It is absolutely precious. 

I love swimming lessons because she's learning about the water. I don't ever want her to be afraid. Well, maybe that's my second favorite thing. My first favorite thing is what happens after the lessons...

She is so tired. And starving, I might add.

So, so tired.

Tired and happy.

A full and long night of sleep will follow. Thank you, swimming lessons.

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OK Chick said...

Oh man, this makes me not want to have kids. I hate puking..HATE, and I always cry when I puke. Ahh pregnancy will be awful for me.