Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Confessional Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Confession No. 6: I'm an Idiot

Yes, it's Wednesday. I blew through Tuesday convinced it was Monday. I even had an appointment yesterday, scheduled for Tuesday, September 29th, and I made it. And it was Tuesday. But I thought it was Monday.

I need a nap. Or a vacation. Or a full-time nanny. Or a personal assistant. Or a nap.

Yes, I'll take the nap. Who'll watch Chloe for me?

Anyone? Any takers?... Hello?............. Is this thing on?


Tamra said...

That face! Can't get over what a doll she is....

Gena said...

Yes it's on, and yes I'll watch her. You have to come home first. ;) She an angel.

Nik said...

MORGANDI!!! This is your long-lost, once removed cousin Nikki. I WILL WATCH HER ANYTIME!!!!