Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Confessional Tuesday

Confession No. 2: I am the biological mother of M1chael Jackson's children.

I'm sorry. I just had to.

Confession No. 2: Saturday Night.

I have to confess that I'm excited for Saturday night. Not because I have big plans or a hot date, but because I get to wear this t-shirt:

Football season is here again. And I have to admit that I'm excited. Not because I love football, but because I love everything that accompanies it. Grilling out. Cooking all day. Eating all day. Cool weather. Jeans. Boots. OU t-shirts. 

Why is this a confession? Because this is something that I really haven't enjoyed for most of my life. I love sports. Playing them that is. While growing up, my family watched sports, went to OU football and basketball games, but it was never something that we became emotionally invested in. We enjoyed it for what it was and moved on.

Then I married into the Lashley family. Talk about an awakening. These people love their OU football. They love pacing. They love yelling. All I can say is that they are highly invested in each football season.

For the first couple years of our marriage, I hated everything that had to do with football. However, slowly but surely, I started enjoying it. Well kind of. I still don't understand the rules of the game, and I may end up in the corner reading fashion magazines, but I love what it represents. 

I've even started to enjoy watching "College Football Live" on the weekends. Even if I only watch it for Kirk Herbstreit. I'm telling you ladies, he is easy on the eyes. 

So here is to the new season. May it be a good one. I must go load up on magazines now.


OCdeanwife said...

I feel ya, girl! I also was unfamiliar with the die-hard, bleed crimson and cream lifestyle until I married Neil. Now, I just love game day at my house! Nothing better than good food, good friends, and making fun of cheerleaders! Can't wait for you to be in Oklahoma next fall so we can celebrate together!

Jessica said...

I'm ready for football season too. Especially the things that go along w/ it. Mainly the food. AND Mr. Kirk. I could watch him all day long!

The Walkers said...

I am glad you came around...
I remember the first time I made Ryan come over to watch a game with Lashleys,I thought he might never come back, but he is now on board as well! Lashley football Saturdays are my fav!

Morgandi said...

That is so funny!! The first game I watched with the Lashleys was so overwhelming. The pacing and the yelling! It was so far from anything I was used to. Now I love it and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tara Hicks said...

I can so relate to this. I am the same way. Never cared too much for it and still don't really get it but I love that Jason does...and it gives us something to talk about and invest in...other than our children (of course)...and it keeps him home for 3 hours on a weekend when he "should" be at school doing work...it it is in the fall...the best season in OK...and life is just good. :)