Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Confessional Tuesday

Confession No. 5: Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

I know what we're having. That's my confession. 

I can't tell you what it is yet. Have to make sure the family knows first. Can you imagine your mother calling you saying, "You told your blog before you told me?" Not good. NOT good.

I can tell you this. My dream last night was no indicator as to what we're having. We're not having a chipmunk. Thank goodness. Glad the doctor cleared that one up.

I'll fill all of you in a little later today.

We are so excited!


OCdeanwife said...

The whole reason I awoke today was to read your blog to get the news! If I had only known you would be keeping us in suspense . . .

Lea Liz said...

I cna't wait to know if your goanna have a sweet baby boy or another cute little baby girl!!!! Come on tell your fam and get on here and tell us girl!!

OK Chick said...

I can't wait to hear/read the news.

Allison said...

I think you are going to have another sweet little girl!!