Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Just when I thought I couldn't be any crazier about this girl, she does something new. Her smile has always been big, but it just got bigger. About a week ago, she was playing on the floor and I caught her looking up at the ceiling and smiling this smile:

Chin towards the ceiling. Eyes disappearing. Dimples blaring. Gums-a-blazin'.

I started laughing and making a big deal out of it because it was so cute. She immediately stared at me, frowned, and started crying. My reaction scared the poor girl. After the trauma (originally wrote traumatization. Not a word. Totally not a word.) wore off, she began smiling her "big girl smile" from time to time. Now it's a staple for her. We can even say "Chloe, where's your big girl smile?" And she does this:

Big girl smile with mom. I think I see where she gets the disappearing eyes from. Also, I absolutely hate my camera. It won't let me take a picture with the least bit of movement. They always turn out blurry. If anyone wants to send me a Nikon Digital SLR, I'll totally let you.

Mid-meltdown. Hey Chloe, where's your big girl smile?

There it is. Someone's hamming it up for the camera. I'm in trouble. Big trouble.


Emily said...

Get the SLR. I promise when you have two babies it will be the best thing ever. Mine are a year and a half apart and the day after we brought #2 home from the hospital, we spent an hour trying to get a decent picture of the two kids. We ordered one the next day. Splurge. It's worth it.

Dara said...

Oh my word. She is so adorable. Ben and I splurged on a fancy camera. It's so hard to get good pictures of kids without one because they NEVER stay still. It has been so worth it.

MaKenna said...

disappearing eyes..must run in the family. I cant get over how adorable this is.

Allison said...

She is such a doll!!!

Holly Lashley said...

I laughed so hard at these pictures...I hope she still smiles like this when I see her again. Love HER!!!!

Latisha said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while reading a friend's blog! Your posts had me intrigued to the point that I just had to share with my husband! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way that you write. It is so relatable with that little bit of added humor! I truly enjoyed going through and reading about milestones in your life! Oh by the way, your daughter has to be the prettiest baby that I have ever seen!! congrats on baby #2! I only hope I can do half of the things that you are doing as a mother now!! That is when I get brave enough to actually reproduce!!

Morgandi said...

Thank you all for your nice comments!! Totally looking at getting a new camera. It's my newest obsession. That, and cowboy boots. Random, I'm sorry.

Latisha, thank you so much for leaving a comment. It's always nice to know that people can relate to all of the craziness. Feel free to leave comments anytime!