Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just, Whatever.

From time to time, I let Jason pick out Chloe's outfit for the day. And not because I'm busy, or I need the help, but because I get a kick out of what he puts her in. He goes into her closet and looks like a lost little puppy. No idea what goes with what, what is seasonably get the idea.

So earlier this morning...

Me: Will you get Chloe dressed?
Jason: What do you want me to put her in?
Me: Oh you know, just whatever.

Chloe was not pleased with my response.

He heads into the dreaded closet and starts rummaging through her summer dresses that are far too small and seasonably inappropriate. And yes, I need to box those babies up, but emotionally I'm having problems doing it. And yes, I realize that she is growing up and I must move on from the teeny tiny clothing. But I can't right now. And yes, I realize that I have problems, thank you very much.

Me: Umm...maybe not a dress.

Pink sweater. Great decision. Perfect decision! Better than what I would've chosen. That will be perfect for today.

Jason: But it is gameday.
So he reaches for her OU shirt.

Chloe: Gameday, schmameday.
My reaction, exactly.

Sorry, Chloe. Don't look so horrified. You'll be fully clothed and that's all that matters.

Jason is very pleased with his decision. Chloe is still a little unsure.
Me: That's great, but she will need to wear pants.

He comes back with these.

The finished product. 

Pretty nice outfit if you ask me. Chloe will just have to deal. 

I am totally entertained on this Saturday morning.


The Walkers said...

This makes me laugh so hard. I can only imagine how uncomfortable he is looking through her closet. Lucky for him it is game day! Better be better than last game day.

Gena said...

Please come home. I need to hold that little sooner.

The Gardella's said...

So cute. I love to let my hubby pick out our baby boys outfit. The last time we were going to dinner I asked him to dress him. He picked a onsie that said "safe sleep this side up" on the front and "roll me over please" on the back and a pair of khaki pants that were far to big. Soo funny. Chloe looks adorable though.

MaKenna said...

her little faces well, chubby faces crack me up. I miss that little girl so much. I can't wait for her to be home, and we can play together, share secrets, do secret things, like not shaking our bootys, feed her wild and new foods, have sleep overs with auntie kenna, you know all sorts of good and fun things.

I guess baby hanzel can come along too. kidding. I cant wait to meet this little "it" baby.