Monday, September 21, 2009

Nerves. Nerves. And More Nerves.

I don't know why I'm blogging today. I have absolutely nothing to say, but I feel like I have everything to say. Does anyone else ever feel like that or am I totally crazy? Don't answer that. Thanks.

I'm a bundle of emotions today. Excitement, nervousness, anticipation, anxiety. We find out what we're having tomorrow. And I have to admit that I'm a little on the nervous side, and I really can't pinpoint why. Maybe it will make it a little more real, calling it him or her instead of it? My mom, my doctor (due to the heart rate-155), other family members, Jason and myself...we're all convinced I'm having a boy. I was convinced Chloe was a boy. Boy, was I wrong with that one. She is all girl. Emotional, that one. Anyway, we'll see if my intuition is right this time. Stay tuned.

I leave you with a picture of our little family of three. This was from a few months ago when we still lived in Lake Forest. Sigh. And why do I have my finger on Chloe's chin? Absolutely no idea. She does not look pleased. 

I enjoy my family. I love my family. It has made Jason and I better people. 

I absolutely cannot believe we will soon be a family of four. Can't wait to see what our newest little addition will be. In the meantime, I must keep myself extra busy to calm these nerves.


Jaime said...

I thought 155 would indicate a girl. Both of my boys had heart rates under 140. I am excited for you to find out tomorrow!!! :-) Whatever "it" is, it will be the perfect addition to your little family!

Morgandi said...

That's what I thought too! But my doctor told me differently. Oh well, either way it will be great!

Michael and Katie said...

I'm so excited to find out! I hope everything goes great and I'll be checking back tomorrow! :)