Saturday, October 17, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I usually don't care about my birthday. Don't get me wrong, I have fun when it's my birthday, but it comes and goes without much thought. But this birthday is different. It comes with a lot of thought. I don't know if it's because I'm a mom now, which makes every moment count--if it's the fact that I'm embarking on the last year in my 20's--if I realize the changes I've gone through in the past decade--or if I realize the changes I've gone through in the last year alone. 

I thought about my favorite moment since turning 28 last year, and I'm sure you're not surprised that it was the birth of my daughter. But more specifically it was this moment:

I had Chloe late in the evening, and after labor they took her to the nursery to clean her up and run tests. I went to my room, ate about five pounds of food and passed out. Around 3 in the morning, the nurse brought her into our room so that I could feed her. Waking up to her face, that little body, that sweet spirit was the best moment of my life. It was like Christmas. It was like an unexpected gift. I woke up, forgetting the events of the evening, forgetting that she was even here, that it was real--and then there she was. The rush of love and excitement that came in that moment by far trumped anything I have ever felt. It was immediately a different kind of love. Definitely the best moment of my life and of my 28th year.

When I think about the upcoming year, I feel so hopeful. I'm looking forward to so many things. Specifically, watching Chloe grow, meeting our new baby girl, and moving back to Oklahoma. I cannot wait to be home. 

But because it's my birthday, here's what I'm wishing for this year:

1. I wish to sleep in on my birthday. Wait, it's my birthday, and it's 5 AM. Okay, scratch that one. Insomnia.

2. I wish that the dad of the boy who "thought" his 6-year old boy was in a balloon, only to be "found" later in the attic, would stop "accidentally" setting off his latest invention to gain exposure on TV. I also wish that boy would stop puking on the Today Show. 

3. I wish to "edit" my "use" of "quotation marks".

4. I wish that I will really be able to get back into running after I have the baby. 10 mile runs on Saturdays would be great.

5. I wish for happiness for my husband, my children, and the rest of my family and loved ones.

6. I'm embarking on a "I wish for world peace" moment, aren't I? 

7. I wish that OU beats Texas. Normally I would never refer to football on my birthday, but it's OU/Texas today and we need to win. Please, please, please win.  A disgruntled husband could ruin the day.

8. This is my last and most important birthday wish. I cannot stress how important this one is.   My wish is that I not be pregnant on my 30th birthday. I've so enjoyed being pregnant on my 28th and 29th birthdays, but I need a break for my 30th. At least give me until my 31st. Do we have a deal?

Why do I have the sinking feeling that number 7 and 8 are not going to come true? 

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Aubrie said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, despite #7!