Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Halloween Picture Story

Chloe had her first Halloween today. She was a little unsure of the costume, but ended up having a great time. Okay, so maybe she didn't know what was going on, but whatever.

In the first picture, Chloe is checking out all of the costumes the kids are wearing. I think she noticed another monkey in the background and was a little mortified. It is quite the faux pas to show up in the same outfit. The second picture shows her hiding her face in embarrassment. (Notice the other monkey in the background.)

Of course we took tons of pictures. I did my best to make her laugh, which proved to be difficult because she was mad at me for making her wear that costume. Eventually I got a few giggles out of her and it brought out my double chin. I apologize. Pregnancy brings it out in full force.
It was never lost on us that next year we will have two little girls Trick or Treating. We laughed about the fact that Baby No. 2 already has her Halloween costume for next year. And then we laughed because all of her outfits, costumes, and anything else she has will be handed down. Poor little girl.

Just hanging around, because that's what monkeys do.

Because of the whole they made me wear this costume situation, Chloe had her hand in her mouth the entire time. I think it was some sort of coping mechanism. She didn't make a peep at all. This was one of the few times we didn't hear chatter from this girl.

I don't know who this little fella is, but he stole my heart. Elvis with attitude. So stinking cute.
Hope all of you had a great Halloween!

I'm off to bed. I'm too old and pregnant for all of this excitement. My double chin needs to rest.


Shelly Collins said...

Hi Morgandi. Being that I read the last three months of your blog tonight I felt I owed you a comment! I felt like I was reading my own journal at times. Blake and I didn't plan our second (14 months apart)...or the third one we're currently expecting. Thanks for our honesty, I enjoyed it!

(Jason will remember Shelly Almy from OC!)

Shelly Collins said...

Oh, we're at:

Morgandi said...

Thank you for leaving a comment, Shelly! I looked through your blog, and you have the most beautiful children. My goodness they are cute! It is so nice to know that others have gone through (and survived) having children so close together. Makes me feel like we'll make it too. Congratulations on baby no. 3! God does have a pretty good sense of humor. I feel like He's laughing at me all the time. Looking forward to keeping up with your family through your blog. You all are so blessed.