Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Others

It's my nap time. Why am I sitting with pumpkins?

And the digression begins.

Now I'm trying to talk her into a good mood. I want just one picture with her. 

And this is the best I get. I'm picking at her ear. She looks a little perturbed. And I need to get my hair colored. The Lashley girls were not photo ready that day. 

For the successful picture, look below. Personally, I think these pictures are pretty cute. Bad mood Chloe is just as cute as good mood Chloe.


Mandy said...

These look gorgeous Morg, I cant wait to see you again! Are you going to be here for Thanksgiving?

Morgandi said...

Thanks Mandy! Can't wait to see you either. We won't be back for Thanksgiving this year. Tear. But we will be back over Christmas for about a week.

And then we're moving back in June. And then I'll get to see you all the time, if you'll let me. :)