Thursday, October 1, 2009

Papa is Coming to Town!

Jason's dad is coming to visit us this weekend and we are so excited. First of all, we love having visitors, and second of all, anyone who will visit us in Cleveland is a saint. This will be a great weekend because he'll be able to spend time with Chloe and watch the OU football game with Jason. This is Jason's favorite thing to do...watching football with his dad. He is very, very excited. I have a feeling that these three are going to have a lot of bonding time.

Look at that goober! And I mean Chloe, people. How rude! Jason's dad is not a goober. She is so, so tiny in this picture.

Anyway, Jason's dad claims that he's here to watch football with Jason and spend time with us this weekend, blah blah blah... but really, deep, deep down, I think he's here for one reason. 

To watch football with me.

You see, he's heard about my expertise in the football arena. It's legendary. It's one-of-a-kind. It's been a lifelong learning process, and just a second, a fleeting moment around me during a football game is a gift. You will learn more about plays, defensive and offensive strategies, etc. than you've ever learned from anyone else. 

So today, in preparation, I will put away the fashion magazines, pull out my Football for Dummies book, and practice saying "uniform, uniform, uniform", because uniforms are not called outfits. And I will never, ever reveal that I love the color of USC's outfits, I mean uniforms. They just look like Autumn. So pretty.

So here's to a great weekend with Jason's dad. 

Uniforms. Uniforms. Uniforms. Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

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