Thursday, October 22, 2009

When your mother-in-law is in town.

You know that Chloe is having a blast. Pretty much won't even look at me. Wants nothing to do with me. Cries when her Nana puts her down. 

Do I have my feelings hurt? Nope. I choose to take full advantage of the opportunity. It is only noon, and I've done a few things I don't normally get to do. Like:

-Go to the YMCA and work out for over an hour. I have to admit that I felt a little strange walking in and out of there without Chloe, but I got over it quickly. I still couldn't shake the feeling that I was forgetting something.

-I actually went into the gas station to get snacks. a.)Who likes to go into a gas station with their kids? You're crazy if you do. It takes too much time to get them in and out of the car for a quick trip, you know what I mean? b.) I ate a huge honey bun and chugged a V8 fruit juice. Both of those things are not in my daily diet. But again, I took full advantage of the opportunity. And I totally undid all of my hard work at the gym. Great.

-I washed, vacuumed and cleaned out my car. And I enjoyed every minute. I'm a freak like that.

-Went to Trader Joe's and meandered around the aisles for 30 minutes. I only walked out with a belly full of samples and a box of oatmeal. And again, I enjoyed every minute.

-I came home, took a long, hot bath...not a 20-second shower...fixed my hair, put on makeup, and got dressed in something other than my workout clothes. Like jeans and a cute top. 

-And now I'm sitting at the table and playing around on my computer. Well, I pretty much do that regardless, but whatever.

We absolutely love having her here. I'm lucky she's my mother-in-law. And by the way, she showed up at the Cleveland Airport wearing these babies:

You know I love a woman in leopard print heels. 

And yes, I tried unsuccessfully to squeeze my size 8 feet into those size 6 shoes.


Lea Liz said...

Enjoy it girl!! I bet that was so nice being able to go and do some things on your own, I know how nice it is!

Those shoes are too cute!

Mandy said...

Ooh, that sounds amazing! Have a great time!

Dara said...

I'm really jealous of your Trader Joes trips. Apparently OKC will never get one unless the liquor laws change. :(