Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Forever Changed

There's an Aldi literally a block away from where we live.
I've never been. I didn't really know what it was. Didn't even really know it was a grocery store. I knew they had random odds and ends of things, but I just didn't know what was in store.

In an attempt to spend as little as possible on our weekly groceries, I travel once a week, 15 miles, to the nearest Super Wal-Mart. I always try to spend no more than $40.

Yesterday, I just didn't feel like trekking all the way to Wal-Mart. It was cold and rainy and dark, and I just didn't want to go. So I decided to go to Aldi. A whole whopping block away. I packed up my reusable shopping bags, because I'm just good like that, and headed that way.

What I found knocked my socks off. I don't think I was actually wearing socks to begin with, but I was super impressed. I expected to find staples, but I didn't expect to find everything on my list. I didn't have a quarter to get a shopping cart, so I carried about 60 lbs of groceries on my shoulders, in my shopping bags, while pushing Chloe in her stroller around the store.

Well, guess how much I spent on a week's worth of groceries? 



It doesn't get much better than that. I love Aldi. I'm never going anywhere else again.

But next time I'll bring a quarter for a cart. Carrying around all of that weight on my shoulders made me feel like my baby was going to fall out. Maybe not the wisest move while 7 months pregnant.

If you've never been (which you've probably been going there for years. I'm just always wayyyyyy behind on things like this) you should go!


OK Chick said...

I love Aldi too! Their stuff is so cheap. I really don't understand why more people don't shop at Aldi. I guess it's a secret treasure.

Bailey said...

I love Aldi too, I get a lot of my stuff for baking there. And their produce is so cheap! I just have to remember a quarter and to have enough cash to buy my groceries when I go. It reminds me of shopping in Europe