Thursday, November 5, 2009

Target, I'm Irritated.

Chloe's allllllmost grown out of her infant car seat. Her feet hang out the bottom and she's 21 pounds. 1 pound away from the 22-pound limit. We went to Target yesterday to buy her new car seat and when we got home, we couldn't wait to open it up and look at it. When we opened it up, the car seat was not inside. Let me repeat. NOT. INSIDE. It was entirely THE. WRONG. ITEM. So now I get to pack everything back up, carry it out to the car, carry my baby out to the car, take us to Target, drag the heavy box out of the car, drag my even heavier baby out of the car, somehow get us all to the Customer Service line, return the item, get the correct car seat, and lug all of us back home. I'm irritated. This is the last thing I need. I will never shop at Target again. 

Of course, I took pictures of the whole catastrophe. Here's the box with a picture of the item I intended to buy. 
And instead of the car seat, here's the wrong item that we found in the box.

Keep scrolling. 

Keep scrolling.

A little bit more.

This little thing popped out of the box. 

We didn't know what to do. We watched as she crawled around. I'm not going to lie. It was a little awkward for all parties involved. 

After a few minutes of not knowing what to do, I decided to go in the box. Once I was in there, I asked her to tell me where she came from. She told me of her family. How she was born in beautiful Chicago and how they moved her to Cleveland. She talked about her extended family and how much she missed them, wishing she could see them more. And then the real kicker was this. She told me how her parents are having a new baby. She thought she was the baby. How can her parents do this to her? I told her I didn't know. It sounded awful.

I immediately fell for her. I told her she could stay with us. She seemed very happy. 

So we decided to keep her.

I'm not going to return her at Target.

But we're keeping the receipt just in case.

Other random thoughts:

-Why do I buy toys? She played in this box for almost two hours. She 
won't play with anything for two hours.

-I thought her infant seat would last a little longer. Is 8-months typical?

-This kind of remind me what parenthood is like. It feels like the baby
just pops out of a box and says, "ta-da!" And where's the instruction

-Does Sandra Lee have cocktail time with each of her cooking shows? I 
crack up every time I hear her say, "Coming up next, it's cocktail time!" 
This lady must get schnockered everyday.

-The End.


Lea Liz said...

okay so there was seriously nothing in the box??? Did you noticed that the box was really lightweight? I would have been soo upset...

Well that little cutie in that box sure is precious!!

Brody turned 10 months old today and he just hit the 22 lb mark! New carseat here we come and we had thought about getting the same one for Brody but of course in the boy colors:)

Mandy said...

We didn't switch Viv over until she was one. She only weighed 19 lbs at her one year appt. but she was definitely too long for her infant seat!

Morgandi said...

Oh, the car seat was really in the box. I was just teasing, pretending that Chloe was in the box instead.
I should've mentioned that, but I wrote this when I was exhausted. Not a good idea!

When did my tiny little peanut of a baby get so big? Only 19 lbs at 1 year? But I bet Viv was like 42 inches long. Little supermodel.

OK Chick said...

Oh my goodness. I would be so mad. Ohh wait, I just noticed that you said there was something in the box. HA! Ok, I was getting ready to boycott Target with you, and I really like Target so I'm happy I can continue to shop there!

MaKenna said...

my heart is a puddle of love for that little stinker. She is going to get away with murder with that smile..

Jaime said...

I think both of my boys were pretty average in weight, like 20 pounds at a year. But I think they both surpassed the length limit of the infant carrier before a year-and neither of them are "tall" really. My sister was the one that told me to check the manual...otherwise I wouldn't have known what the lenght limit was. :-) Oh and I just hate to have to return anything...such a pain! Those are darling pics, btw.

myra said...

Boxes do make the best toys. The thought had crossed my mind that companies are really charging for the boxes and not the toys in them. I switched Morgandy over at 7 months. She wasn't 20lbs yet but was way to long for the infant car seat. Looking back I wish that I had kept her in her infant seat a bit longer. Oh well, she loved being higher in the car and able to see outside on trips.
Cute pics!