Friday, November 20, 2009

What can I say? She loves me.

What is this little girl holding in her hot little hand? Proof of how much she loves me. 

Chloe is into everything. While I was getting dressed the other day, she was rifling through some baskets in my room and she found the photo posted below. One of my favorite photos of the two of us. Favorite for a couple of reasons. Reason One- Swaddled Chloe. I can't tell you how much I love swaddled babies. Makes me excited to hold my next little girl. Reason Two- I apologize because I'm going to brag. I think I look pretty decent for having a two week old. My hair's fixed, makeup is on, and I'm wearing a cute outfit. I remember this day very clearly. It was about 2:00 in the afternoon and my mom said, "Go take a shower and get dressed. You'll feel better." I still crack up about that comment. I must've looked pretty rough. But she was right, as mothers normally are, I felt better. 

At first, I was going to take it away from her, but decided against it. She was staring at the photo, smiling, laughing, and talking to the picture. How sweet, I thought, she must be excited to see a picture of the two of us. I bet it's comforting to her, to hold a picture of her mama. I continued to let her hold it and figured as long as she wasn't ripping it apart and choking on it, it wouldn't cause any harm.

This lasted for about 2 minutes. I watched in horror as she crumpled up the photo, chewed on it, crumpled it up again, and threw it down. Then she proceeded to stomp on it. 

Then she left it. Just plain abandoned the crumpled, mangled photo of the two of us. 

As she went to play with a stack of clean diapers, I walked over to the photo and laughed at myself. I felt pretty silly thinking that she comprehended a picture of me.

Obviously she equates playing with a photo of me to playing with a stack of diapers.

Thanks Chloe. I love you too. Actually I really do. 

Afterthought: This post, especially the first picture, made me think of one of my favorite Ray LaMontagne songs, "Jolene." It reminded me of my favorite lyric from this song...

"A picture of you, holding a picture of me"

Here's the video. If you haven't heard the song, you must. It's beautiful. 


Ryan and Katie said...

I love that song too!

Erick said...

"a nine pound hammer or a woman like you"

what a great close to this! Glad you're doing well Morg. I miss swadling too...well atleast I get to be the voice of Swadley's BBQ to make up for it.

Can't wait to see you guys next month.