Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Golden Globes: Fashion Review

Nothing spells happiness to me like award season. I love the awards and all, but I really, really love the fashion. Watching the red carpet arrivals is one of my favorite things to do. This year I thought that I would go ahead and post my picks for the fashion winners and losers. Don't get too excited.

The Winners:

Emily Blunt
She's stunning. I love how this dress really shows her curves in a very feminine and elegant way.

Sandra Bullock
It was her night and she looked the part. Her down to earth attitude is juxtaposed so nicely with her beauty and style.

Cameron Diaz
She has the model figure and can pull off any look. I think this dress is so chic and red is a great color for her.

Kate Hudson
I love the structure of this dress. It was a risk and I think it paid off. She looks like a glamorous movie star.

Chloe Sevigny
This look will no doubt show up on the worst dress list, but I love it. I think she is so fashion forward with her style and this dress is just so different. I love different. Chloe's always one of my favorites. Plus, we just might have gotten the idea for our daughter's name from her. That's how fabulous I think she is.

Jennifer Garner
My second favorite look of the night. She's perfect. I don't think I can say much more.

Diane Kruger
My favorite look of the night. I think she's pulled together perfectly from head to toe. I'm in love with this dress and she wears the look so elegantly. What a classic beauty she is.

The Losers:

Lea Michele
Don't hate me. I love her in Glee. I think she is beautiful. I think the dress is beautiful. I just think she looks 45. Maybe it's the styling. I would've liked for her to look a little younger. Again, don't hate me.

Julianne Moore
I usually adore her, but I'm very disappointed with this look. The dress just droops and it is not flattering to her gorgeous figure. Plus, I don't care for the shoes.

Jennifer Aniston
Another one of my usual favorites. This dress was just a little too much. She looked like she was trying too hard, the slit was entirely too high, the train was too long, and I missed her California girl vibe. She's beautiful, but this look is just too much.

Mariah Carey
Her Golden Globes were in full force. It was a little much.

Tina Fey
My pick for worst dressed of the evening. I like the dress. Just not on her. The proportion is all wrong and she just looked uncomfortable. I like it when she sticks with a more classic look.

Well, that wraps it up for the Golden Globes. Thanks for letting me share my favorite and least favorite looks of the evening. Hope you enjoyed!


OK Chick said...

I like Tina's dress, but it does look odd on her. I think someone taller needs to be wearing the dress. I love Sandra Bullock's dress. She looked great.

Mandy said...

Looks like we agreed on 99% of our choices! I totally agree about Tina Fey, she looked ridiculous! And I almost added Diane Krueger too! I thought it was a cool dress. Plus, she's dating Pacey, it doesn't get much better than that! love ya Morg!

Dara said...

I saw Tina from the waist up and was like oh that's kind of cute and then they pulled back and I was like oh no!!! You know I loved Diane Krueger's too. She was on a bunch of worst dressed lists but I thought it was really cool and the colors were like the inside of a flower. Wasn't that poetic? Move over Mr. Jay.

Allison said...

Are you kidding me?? Lea Michele looked AMAZING!!!!