Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to Prepare a Baby for a Baby

How to prepare a baby for a baby. I've pondered this thought ever since I found out I was pregnant. At first I thought there would be no way to prepare such a little one, but now that we're on the precipice, I'm giving it a try. We've been doing a lot of role playing with a baby doll Chloe got for Christmas. I will hold the baby, rock the baby, and say "sweet baby" in a highly annoying voice. Then I give the doll to Chloe and say "sweet baby" even more annoyingly while Chloe manhandles the poor thing. I'm basically trying to teach her to be sweet and gentle. And in light of recent events at the YMCA in which she's being a little bossy with the other babies, I'm finding this role play more and more important. Here's how she's doing.

Here's Chloe cleaning out the baby's ears.

Picking the baby's nose.

Pushing the baby in her car, while patting her on the head. This takes a lot of coordination, people!

Vigorously pushing the baby swing. This will really help us save in the way of batteries.

Giving slobbery, slobbery kisses.

More slobbery kissing.

And finally, body slamming the baby when something more interesting comes up.

I know that there will be an adjustment period with Chloe, but I really think that she's going to do great. Jason and I are the ones who need the preparation. In church on Sunday, we sat next to a couple with a baby. When we heard the sheep-like cries that only a newborn can make, we watched as the dad pulled the teeny, tiny baby out of the car seat and onto his lap. Jason squeezed my hand, turned pale and then I started crying. I'm sure if anyone saw our reaction they thought, "Oh that's so sweet. They must really be excited about their upcoming baby." Little did they know that our reaction was purely perpetuated by fear. No matter how close the due date gets, it doesn't seem real. What in the world are we going to do with two of them?

It's a good thing Chloe's been in training.

She may have to take over the childcare duties while Jason and I adjust to life with two baby girls.


Beck said...

I love your blog! I just thought I should leave a comment today because 2 years ago I was as worried as you are now. My kids are only 18 months apart, and although we planned on having them so close in age we questioned our decision many times while I was pregnant. I was so nervous, worried about how my son would react to his new baby sister, scared that we would have our hands too full. Everything worked out great though, and I would not change a thing! At first when we brought my daughter home my son had an immediate change in his personality. It only took about 2 days though and we just all fell comfortably into a rhythym as if my daughter had been there all along. They are 3 and 2 now and the best of friends. They are really starting to play together nicely and really miss eachother when they are apart. Congratulations on the new baby (: I am sure your daughter will be such a great big sister!

Jessica said...

Girl. I am in the exact same boat as you. My babies will be about 18.5 months apart & I am so nervous about how Riley is going to handle a baby being around 24/7. He wants ALL my attention & I have no idea how I'm going to do it all. Since your's will be here a little before mine, I'll be looking to you & your blog for encouragement! Plus any tips you want to throw out there will be nice too! :) Good luck! You know as well as I do it will be so great when they are older...if we can just make it through this first "adjusting" period alive! haha They will be the best of friends!

Newberry said...

That is really cute and funny, Morgandi! Chloe is adorable. I'm sure she will be a great big sister, and they will have a lot of fun together. You and Jason will do great, too. I'm really excited for you guys!

Mandy said...

Oh girl, I know your feeling! Everything will be great, the girls are going to be bff's and you'll be back home soon and have lots of help! You look fab by the way!