Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Realization

I've been looking through pictures I've recently taken and pictures I've posted on my blog, and realized that they have mainly been of Chloe in various states of nakedness. Either she's shirtless, shirtless and pantless, or just completely naked.
In case you were wondering, she does have clothes. Don't let the lack of recent non-clothed posts drive you to buy her some new clothes out of pity. Don't believe the rumors that state I'm a negligent mother. Don't think that I take her out in public without a stitch of clothing on. She at least always has a coat on and a bow in her hair.

The nakedness can be explained in one picture:
Mealtime has been a battle for the past couple of weeks. 90% of the time she ends up looking like this. She is constantly knocking the spoon out of my hand and rubbing the dropped food onto her tray and all over herself. Clothing is not optional during a meal. It is merely impossible. I've even given up on putting a bib on her. I just rinse her off and send her on her naked way. I'm hoping this is just a phase. I don't think my baby food stained clothes and carpet can take much more.


MaKenna said...

I love naked Chloe. She is so chunky and sweet.

Shannon Stein said...

Just wait until it's mac-n-cheese or spaghetti sauce or mashed potatoes or fruit or some other sticky, saucy stuff. :)

Holly Lashley said...

I love naked Chloe too....clothes are over-rated.